Honors European History

This course examines selected themes in the history of Europe, from the Renaissance to the recent past. Major topics include the Renaissance, the Reformation, politics,

Honors United States History

This course, for students who have demonstrated aptitude in prior humanities classes, is a fast-paced survey of United States history from colonial times to the

AP Seminar: H2O & Food Systems

In this AP Seminar course, students explore the complexity of global food and water access/delivery systems while developing their skills as critical thinkers and strong


In the first half of the year, students are introduced to microeconomic theory through the study of such concepts as supply and demand, the law

AP Studio Art – Drawing

This course involves concentrated study in drawing and follows the Advanced Placement syllabus. The fall begins with a review of fundamental technique and includes design

AP Studio Art – Photography

This course expands on the one-term Photography course, with continued emphasis on the history of photography, the formal elements and principles of design, and creative

American Understandings

We typically come to new understanding through our own experience. And so in this course we will explore the many ways writers across the American

In the American Grain

What does it mean to write, and to live, in the American grain? When William Carlos Williams sought to answer that question, he looked to

American Voices

In addition to the core texts from Fitzgerald, Hurston, and Dickinson, we will also use a wide range of American short stories, poems, and novels

America in Black & White

In the essay that introduces the collection The Fire This Time, writer Jesmyn Ward articulates her understanding of the American racial present with startling clarity: