Get Your Tickets Now for the Winter Play: A Sonnet in Your Pocket

Jessica Day – February 15, 2019


A physical, musical, and emotional romp through a modicum of Shakespeare’s glorious poems, this devised theatre piece is an exploration of the ideas and impulses that shape and shift relationships. Introducing design with a touch of the surreal to situations that are strikingly familiar, we play with language, play with relationships, and play for its own sake—all in the name of love.

I love a good roller coaster. It’s propelled by tension, the anticipation is half the thrill, and even at its most dangerous you trust you will survive it, invigorated by the experience. Occasionally you escape bruised and more cautious, but still curious.

These poems, selected from Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, traverse a similar emotional trajectory. We’ve considered inner experience versus outer expression and what gets lost in translation. If two people hold love to opposing ideals, they inherently speak different languages of love. We explore the ways language can be both a bridge and an obstacle. Iambic pentameter, music, physical gesture, English, Wolof, Mandarin, Swahili, and Thai are some of the components of this language odyssey.

We invite you to enjoy the various scenarios, both realistic and ridiculous, as they unfold, without seeking a discernable plotline. We hope we’ve made something refreshing, accessible and as enjoyable to witness as it was to create. Enjoy the ride. Try not to take it too seriously. It’s only love, after all.—Lori Holmes Clark, Director