Deerfield and Suffield to “Match Wits” This Weekend

Jessica Day – January 25, 2019

As Schools Match Wits (ASMW) pits teams of western New England high schoolers against each other in a fun but competitive game of academic performance. Deerfield will spar with Suffield Academy this Saturday, January 26, at 7:00 pm (rebroadcast Sunday, January 27, at 10:30 am and available for subsequent online streaming) on local public television station WGBY.

Each season, up to 50 schools go head-to-head in qualifying matches to see which team can earn the greatest number of points. The eight highest-scoring teams of the season then compete in playoff matches to determine the season’s champion, which is then awarded the coveted Collamore Cup, named for the show’s creator.

Quiz shows like ASMW represent an original type of “reality television.” Everyday people play a game testing their everyday knowledge—and viewers love to play along. As Schools Match Wits adds a unique characteristic: local teen contestants from area high schools.

If you ask ASMW host Beth Ward, the value of the show is multifaceted.

“Year after year, these teens never fail to impress me,” Ward says. “We’ve had some dramatic competitions and tough questions. I hear from viewers all the time who remember one school or another. As Schools Match Wits is a local treasure. I’m honored to be starting up a new season.”