Human Impact Student Art Exhibit Opens Sunday, April 10

jfunkemployee – April 8, 2016

The Human Impact (student art) exhibit opens in the Von Auersperg Gallery next Sunday, April 10th, from 5-8 PM. The show runs through May 2nd.

Human Impact is an exhibition of student artwork addressing environmental and sociological issues. Curator Tim Trelease says,

“For this exhibit, we invited students to submit original artwork that considers the cultural, environmental, scientific, or political crossroads at which we now find ourselves. Students were inspired by an exhibition of professional artist’s work, chosen with the same theme in mind.

What is Human Impact? This exhibit addresses issues related to environmental and sociological concerns. While some of the artists created imagery to suggest the potential for a symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature, other artists intended to inspire questions about gun control, air pollution, water usage, population control, and domestic violence.

The concept of “Human Impact” is meant to raise questions such as: how have human beings impacted the planet? What happens to the things we build or make? What is our relationship to nature? What are the consequences of a consumer culture? How might we live together peaceably with each other and with the planet?

This exhibit invites viewers to engage with the heartfelt artwork made by the Deerfield students. We hope that the work inspires many constructive conversations.”

Contributing Artists: Lucy Beimfohr, Akya Evans, Maddie Moon, Caroline Fett, Alex Guo, Lily Louis, Thompson Whiteley, Sophia Do, Maggie Yin, Kaity Jia, Victoria Castellano-Wood, Flaura Xia, Gia Kim, Kiana Rawji, Emily Luber, Coco Spagna, Derek Alvarez