Hayes MacArthur ’95 Stars in Angie Tribeca, Premiering this Sunday

Danae DiNicola – January 15, 2016

Hayes MacArthur ’95 has a new show—Angie Tribeca—the first 10 episodes of which premiere in a block starting this Sunday night at 9pm Eastern on TBS. The show, created by Steve Carrell and Angie Carrell, is a satirical police procedural in the style of Naked Gun. It stars Rashida Jones as the titular Angie Tribeca, and Hayes MacArthur as her unwanted police partner.

Though the police procedural is not a new concept, the manner in which TBS has chosen to air episodes of Angie Tribeca is unprecedented. According to the Hollywood Reporter,

“The concept of doing an ad-free 25-hour binge serves as a way to break through the clutter that comes amid the so-called “Peak TV” era in which there are more than 400 original scripted comedies and dramas across broadcast, cable, premium networks and streaming services. Angie Tribeca will debut all 10 of its season-one episodes back-to-back multiple times across the marathon before returning a week later with its second season.”

The show has already been renewed for a second season.