Good-bye, and Thank You!

communications – May 23, 2014

The Deerfield community convened for the final school meeting of the year today to recognize outstanding academic achievers with cum laude honors, bid good-bye to the Class of 2014, and salute departing faculty members, including some of Deerfield’s longest-serving teachers.

Philosophy and religion teacher Neil Jacobs was recognized for his wisdom, humor, and character. Tributes to two departing teaching fellows demonstrated the lasting impact that they have had, calling English fellow Kip Dooley the “epitome of a Deerfield teacher” and lauding science fellow Casey Kelsey for her commitment to helping students succeed. Math teacher Danielle Chagnon will be missed for her enthusiasm in the classroom and and on the playing field, while Associate Director of Admission David Irwin and science teacher Mandy Irwin were recognized for their abilities to respond to student needs, in Dave’s case with “senselessly confusing wisdom” and in Mandy’s, with “profound advice.” Sustainability coordinator and science teacher Jeff Jewett will be remembered for his efforts to make Deerfield’s campus more eco-friendly, and music director Dan Roihl’s legacy at Deerfield will be his complete dedication to music and his commitment to challenging his students. Beth Bishop will be leaving Deerfield’s College Advising Office this year, but she will be remembered as a selfless and loving advisor, always available for her advisees. Virginia Invernizzi, longtime teacher in the foreign language department, will be missed for her passion, interest, and commitment to her students.

Four of Deerfield’s longest serving and most beloved teachers are retiring this year and were applauded for their valuable contributions to the school and their students: English teacher Suzanne Hannay for her dedication to teaching and the wisdom and happiness that she brought to the classroom, longtime Director of College Advising Martha Lyman for her ability to help students find and excel at their passions, French teacher Andrea Moorhead for her inspired voice–in both English and French, and art teacher Robert Moorhead for his positive attitude, patience, and enthusiasm.