Applicants: Check your application status!

David Thiel – January 15, 2014


Thanks for your continued interest in Deerfield!  Because today is our priority deadline, many families are calling to check on their applications–and our phone lines may be busy as a result.  In addition, we are currently processing hundreds of pieces of mail each hour, and it may take more than a week for us to get through it all.  

Instead of using the phone, we recommend that you use your Applicant ID# to check your application status online throughout this week and next week to see if we are missing any items.  (Your Applicant ID# starts with “D00” and was emailed to you on November 1—or within one week of us receiving Part I of your application if you began the process after November 1.)

If on January 23 your application is still shown as incomplete, please check first with the sender of each application piece to ensure that the information was sent.  Once you confirm that all items were sent, please contact us via email or at 413-774-1400 with questions about incomplete applications.

Thank you for your interest in Deerfield!