Round Square Conference Day 4

David Miller – October 12, 2013

On October 10th, 2013, we, Roundsquare delegates and adult representatives, began our morning by attending an address from the Kielburger brothers. Mark began his humanitarian activity at the age of eighteen, impelled by shoeless street children in a medical ward in Thailand. Craig, at the age of twelve, reached for the comics in the newspaper; instead, he came across an article on child labor. Outraged at the story of a fellow twelve-year-old boy, who was murdered for denouncing the slavery system, Craig launched his organization, “Free the Children”. The organization seeks to provide underprivileged children with the five pillars for sustainability: clean water and sanitation, health, alternative income and livelihood, agriculture and food security, and education. Mark and Craig compelled us to understand the potential and aptitude we, younger generations, have to improve the state of humanity in the world. After the keynote speakers, we departed with our Baraza groups for our respective activities. Our theme for the day was “service: environmental stewardship”, so we collected trash from some of South Florida’s beaches. During afternoon, we joined in Mike Weber’s Leadership Workshop. Mr. Weber discussed human psychology, prompting us to become aware of the “unwritten rules” that exist within our minds (the concepts he exposed tied in with Dr. Diamandis’ analysis of the linear evolution of human thought). We ended our day with a student-run “Roundsquare’s Got Talent”. The cultural performances ranged from a video of Victoria in British Colombia, Canada to a traditional African rendition of the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Danish dancing, Indian choreographies, and Kenyan ballads also riddled the night, broadening every delegate’s perspective of customs around the world. 

-Nahla Achi