Deerfield Magazine Fall 2011

Mozea, Meghan – September 15, 2011

The Fall 2011 Deerfield Magazine features stories about Deerfield teachers’ trips all over the world, student financial aid, and relive with Mark Ott his memories of Deerfield’s old days. A PDF version of the Fall 2011 Deerfield Magazine is available for download.

Magazine Features:

  • Far Beyond the Western Mountains: “One of the first things I discovered upon arrival in Africa was that no van trip to a Deerfield athletic contest could hold a candle to the pandemonium that seemed to reign on the roads of Kenya.”
  • The Lens of Memory: “Deerfield Academy is not Paris, but it is, “Deerfield.” And if you are an alumnus, it, too, exists through the lens of your memory, where your younger self walks along Albany Road in the bright sunlight of spring…”
  • Private Equity: “‘What the community lacks at times is diversity, and by that I don’t necessarily mean racial or gender diversity. I mean economic diversity. Providing that diversity may sound like a social justice initiative, but it’s not . . . It’s really about providing every student who comes here with a better education.’—Rob Hale ’84 P’15”