Deerfield Magazine Spring 2011

Mozea, Meghan – May 15, 2011

The Spring 2011 Deerfield Magazine features stories about Dr. Little’s science class and their discoveries about the River, Valley, and Rock, and about one student’s journey in the study of Latin. A PDF version of the Spring 2011 Deerfield Magazine is available for download.

Magazine Features:

  • River/ Valley/ Rock: “Bedrock was squeezed upward to form the Himalaya-sized Appalachian Mountains. The compression and heat of these organic events transformed Deerfield’s deep bedrock into metamorphic rock types such as gneiss, schist, slate, and marble.”
  • Ellie and the Georgics: “So far, though, the capstone course is still just an idea— partly for pragmatic reasons… We will have to find creative ways to fund people to oversee these projects. I’m excited, though, because a student like Ellie forces the conversation.”