Deerfield Magazine Winter 2011

Mozea, Meghan – January 15, 2011

The Winter 2011 Deerfield Magazine features stories about the discoveries going on in Dennis Cullinane’s science class and Tom Ashley’s letters. A PDF version of the Winter 2011 Deerfield Magazine is available for download.

Magazine Features: 

  • Load Distributors: “One morning a couple years ago, working quietly in the lab, Mia Hecht ’09 was dissecting a crab. She was hoping to find a clue to how non-vertebrates, such as arthropods, manage to lubricate their joints—a question that had always intrigued their instructor, Dennis Cullinane. Mia carefully popped open the exoskeleton of her crab and saw something she hadn’t seen before. And she couldn’t find it in her research materials, either. What’s this? she asked, turning to her teacher. Cullinane took a look. And thought, Oh, my…!”
  • As Ever, Tom Ashley: “It is an unlikely story with an unusual beginning. When first noticed by Mr. Boyden, Tom Ashley was having too much fun to go to school. Swimming as early and often in the season as possible, fishing, hunting, and tending to chores, he was an awkward, reticent Old Deerfield farmboy who had an indifferent attitude toward education. Mr. Boyden detected something more in Tom’s character: honesty, loyalty, enthusiasm, resilience, and reliability.”

Also read more about Tom Ashley: in these articles from past issues “Thomas Williams Ashley” (1962) and “The Value of a Legend” (1990).