Deerfield Magazine Fall 2010

communications – September 15, 2010

The Fall 2010 Deerfield Magazine features stories about Amie Creagh’s study on Faculty kids, the miracles performed by the Physical Plant, and the trees that make up our community. A PDF version of the Fall 2010 Deerfield Magazine is available for download.

Magazine Features:

  • In Working Order: After students and faculty leave campus each spring, the summer days grow long indeed for Deerfield’s Physical Plant. In the narrow window between spring final examinations and fall’s opening days, they need to work miracles. And they do. 

  • The Faculty Child: An informal study by Amie Creagh.

  • Deep Roots: Celebrating Deerfield’s living treasures. Trees. 

Also Inside: Summer renovations, faculty summer projects, team Slovakia lacrosse, and new students and faculty.