Staff Testimonials

“The most important thing that made me want to come back as a proctor is the bond between a proctor and a student. Proctors are the closest thing to current KIPP STEP students. We spend most of our day with them and with them more than anyone else. Therefore, that makes it easier to create trust and bonds that really make someone feel good inside. I’m glad I came back and am able to have students confide in me about a situation or look to me for help when they are in need. These interactions are the best part of the job!”

-Blessing Utomi, KIPP STEP alumnus, KIPP STEP proctor

“I couldn’t think of how to best summarize a life changing summer of personal and professional growth and development, so I summed it up with one word: magic.”

-Libby Gronquist, KIPP STEP 2016 ELA Teacher, KIPP Sol Academy Founding Teacher

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“Come to KIPP STEP.  It has been the best thing for my teaching that I could have possibly done.”

-Stephanie Hinton, KIPP STEP ELA Teacher, KIPP

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