Nomination Guidelines and Process


The following criteria should be used to guide you as you nominate KIPPsters who are best suited to participate in this selective and academically rigorous summer program. We encourage you to consider all of these factors when making your nominations.

Nominees will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • KIPP School Leader has nominated the student, in addition to ELA and science teacher endorsement.
  • Student demonstrates academic excellence in major subject areas, with particular attention to performance in ELA and Science.
  • Student scored in the upper quartile on most recent or next-most recent nationally-normed test or Advanced Performance levels on State Test (or a very strong score on the SSAT).
  • Student’s essay responses are original and of high quality.
  • Student shows a desire to learn and demonstrates a strong work ethic and intellectual curiosity. We are looking for the type of student who independently seeks help from teachers and is willing to work tirelessly to improve.
  • Student demonstrates character, personal responsibility, independence, leadership and teamwork.
  • Student has a sincere interest in attending a boarding school.
  • Additionally, parents/guardians of participants should fully support and commit to their student’s participation in the summer program.


  • Each KIPP School may nominate up to two 7th grade KIPPsters (one boy and one girl), unless a single-sex school (in which case the school may nominate two girls or two boys depending on the school demographics).
  • A completed nomination will include:

Selection: The applications are read and reviewed by a trained Selection Committee. Forty students (20 girls and 20 boys) will be selected as finalists and invited to participate in the Summer Program.

Enrollment: The 40 selected KIPPsters will need to fill out several enrollment and medical forms. Please be aware that the state of Massachusetts requires a specific set of vaccines, medical information and permissions for attendance at summer programs.  This may require a trip to the doctor for your child, if he/she is admitted.

IMPORTANT: It is program policy that every student has health insurance coverage AT LEAST for the duration of the program. If your student does not currently have health insurance, please see ADMISSION INFORMATION for options.