Admission Information

This page is meant to provide all parties involved with important information pertaining to the KIPP STEP Summer Program if the student is selected. By applying to the KIPP STEP Summer Program, all parties are in full awareness of what this program entails and all of the logistical means necessary for the student’s full involvement.


If the student is applying to any other summer programs that would conflict with the KIPP STEP Summer Program, the student will be required to withdraw from those programs if he/she accepts the KIPP STEP offer.

The following may result in your student’s withdrawal from selected pool:

  • If student is selected, accepts, and does not submit completed medical forms by the deadline, the student will automatically be withdrawn from the program and the spot will be filled from the alternate list.

The following may result in your school’s removal from the KIPP STEP Program:

  • If a student is selected for the program and school fails to communicate (accept or decline) to Deerfield by the deadline, all other applicants from your school will be removed from the alternate list.
  • If student is selected, accepts, and decides NOT to participate in program at any point after accepting, no other student from this KIPP School will be considered as an alternate.
  • If travel is purchased for the student, and the student does NOT attend the program, the school will be required to reimburse Deerfield Academy for the full amount and no other student from this KIPP School will be considered as an alternate.


It is our goal to find the safest, most cost effective transportation strategy for KIPP students to and from Deerfield Academy. This means the following:

  • Parent gives permission for student to fly as an unaccompanied minor. For an additional fee, paid by Deerfield Academy, this service will ensure that your student is accompanied by airline personnel when boarding the aircraft, introduced to the flight attendant, chaperoned during connections and released to the appropriate KIPP STEP staff member upon arrival at the final destination.
  • If required by Deerfield, School Leaders will identify a chaperone to accompany any student or group of students on the flight or train trip to and from the program. Reasonable travel costs will be covered as determined by Deerfield Academy.
  • All travel costs or changes will need to be preapproved by Deerfield Academy. Any alterations made to the original travel arrangements will need to be covered by the school. (ie: Student misses flight, parent requests change to travel arrangements, etc.)
  • We try to have students fly in clusters. This may require students to be driven to an airport outside of his/her town or city to connect with other KIPP students. We ask families and schools to be flexible with travel.
  • If flying from the west coast, your student may need to fly overnight on a red-eye flight. This will be a non-stop flight.

Health Insurance

It is program policy that every student has health insurance coverage AT LEAST for the duration of the program, and is able to provide proof of insurance at time of medical form collection. If your student does not currently have insurance, here are a few recommendations:

  • Medicaid – If your student’s family qualifies as low income, check their eligibility for Medicaid.  For information on Medicaid and eligibility, go to Each state has different eligibility requirements, and coverage. Be sure that Medicaid will cover student if out of state.
  • NOT eligible for Medicaid – Can the family or KIPP School afford short term health insurance? The KIPP STEP Program provides an insurance policy for the duration of the program or check out for coverage options or research a health insurance broker of your choosing. At a minimum, students will need to enroll for a one-month plan.

Enrollment Forms

If your student has been accepted to the KIPP STEP Program, please download and print the following forms to complete enrollment.

Student Handbook

Click here to download an abbreviated version of the 2019 student handbook.  An updated version will be posted in the spring and the full handbook will be sent to students in May 2019 along with their travel details.