Job Posting: The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy Teaching Fellow

Program Description:

 The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy summer program unleashes creative and agile thinking across intellectual boundaries.  As we enter our third year of summer programming, the Experimentory will enroll a 2017 class of approximately 60 rising 7th and 8th grade students who desire to spend four weeks exploring new ideas in an interdisciplinary setting. The Experimentory aims to create a boarding school community experience, in which each student is provided with a safe and comfortable environment where they can learn and play while pushing themselves as creators and innovators.

Students enroll in two course clusters. Each cluster pairs disparate subjects in interesting ways – Theater + Electronics, Music Composition + Film, and Architecture + Culture. A major program focus is learning the personal and collaborative skills essential to creativity. The program atmosphere is fun exploration and discovery. Clusters will culminate in final projects that are a fusion of their subjects and demonstrate the students’ understanding of the collaborative creative process.

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Job Description:

The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy is looking for three Teaching Fellows for the summer of 2017.  Daily responsibilities include:

  • Teaching Fellows will be assigned to a single course cluster and will work closely with that cluster’s head co-teachers. Fellows will assist with teaching two cluster times per day.  Clusters are inquiry-based, collaborative, interactive, and hands-on.  Fellows should have experience and/or interest in both subjects of their desired cluster.
  • Teaching Fellows assist in mentoring middle school students in their exploration of subjects that may be new to them within our interdisciplinary curriculum. In the evenings students attend studio time which Fellows will plan, teach, and supervise.
  • The Experimentory creates the intense yet fun community experience that typifies boarding school life. Teaching Fellows are expected to contribute to this atmosphere by shaping the classroom experience, eating sit-down lunches with students, and holding students and other staff to a high standard.
  • Teaching Fellows will manage residential life as a team under the guidance of a Dorm Head. They will live in the dorms with students and other staff. They will be provided with their own dorm room, but will share hall space and bathroom facilities with the students. Teaching Fellows should expect to be on duty three nights a week or more during the program.
  • Teaching Fellows and Faculty lead a one-day class excursion to Boston.
  • Teaching Fellows will attend pre-program staff training. Once the program has started, they will attend and assist with weekly All Program meetings and regular staff meetings.
  • Once at the mid-point of the program and again at the program’s close, Teaching Fellows and Faculty communicate student progress to parents through evaluative comments.
  • Teaching Fellows receive highly competitive compensation, room and board, and mentorship from Deerfield Faculty.



Strong candidates are current college juniors, seniors, or graduates who are pursuing/pursued a degree in education or youth services and are looking for summer experience working with middle school students.  Strong candidates should also have a significant experience in at least one of the two subjects in the cluster they would prefer. This experience may be formal study or informal exploration.

Like any middle school summer program, the Experimentory is an intense four weeks with many responsibilities. Strong candidates embrace these experiences and maintain a healthy life balance resulting in a rewarding summer. Candidates should express a sense of creativity and the desire to work and live with middle school adolescents.  Additional key characteristics include: experience teaching hands-on, collaborative learning; enthusiasm; energy; a strong work ethic; the ability to thrive in a lively, fast paced work environment; a sense of humor; and the ability to work as part of a team.


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