Job Posting: KIPP STEP Dean of Enrichment 2020

What is KIPP STEP?

KIPP STEP is a 3-week intensive summer program that provides a unique opportunity for 40 rising eighth grade KIPPsters and 10 talented local students to experience the academic rigor and lifestyle of a top boarding school.  The program focuses on science and ELA to help develop students’ skills in research, writing, presentation, discussion, studying, time management, and critical thinking, all skills necessary for success in the most challenging academic environments. The program also aims to spark a passion for reading, writing, and in science through the intensive physics and biology curriculum.

The Student’s Experience:

In a survey of KIPP alumni who attended Deerfield Academy, science and ELA were identified as the most challenging academic areas during their freshman year of high school, and time management as one of the most challenging non-academic areas. This program provides students with a glimpse early on of what it would be like in a boarding school environment. Monday through Friday, students have class in the morning and immediately following lunch. In the afternoons, students participate in recreational activities and enrichment projects and conclude the day with study hall and a dorm meeting. On the weekends, students participate in field trips and other community building activities.

The Dean of Enrichment Role:
Deans of Enrichment will be hired to reside in and supervise the girls’ and boys’ dorm.  The Co-Deans of Enrichment will be responsible for building the enrichment curriculum and for mentoring high school-age proctors.  Working in close collaboration with the Program Director and Program Coordinator, s/he will play a significant role in crafting and bringing to life the culture and feel of the program.  The Deans of Enrichment are responsible for students and student activities during non-class hours.

There are 4 primary areas of impact:

  • Recreational and Weekend Activities:

With the help of the program coordinator, organize, plan, and facilitate afternoon and weekend recreational activities.  Attend, supervise and facilitate any weekend field trips.

  • Dorm Life:

Ensure student safety and well-being in the dorm.  Deans are expected to live in and spend their nights in their assigned dorm.  They will oversee the supervision of students in the dorm and create a calendar of teacher dorm duty responsibilities. Deans will also work together to plan and deliver nightly dorm meetings and lessons around time-management, independence, the importance of community, and other professional/personal development skills necessary for success in a challenging academic environment.

  • Opening Day Activities:

Be present onsite for arrival of local students and welcome students off of the bus when they arrive from Boston. Plan activities to facilitate introductions and set program expectations.

  • Closing Ceremonies:

Deans will head up a committee to plan closing ceremonies that welcome students and celebrate their completion of the program.  They will also be expected to coordinate an end of program student Talent Show.

  • Student Advisor:

As needed, the deans will work on a one-on-one basis with students as they adjust to being away from home and in a new environment amidst a rigorous academic program.  Deans are expected to attend all meals during assigned time in order to oversee and foster communication with the students.

Program Dates & Location:

May 2020: Communicate with other KIPP STEP faculty to plan curriculum

June 2020: Calls to advisees and their families

July 5 – July 6, 2020: Final planning meeting in Deerfield, MA

July 7 – July 25, 2020: Summer Program at Deerfield Academy

July 26, 2020: Faculty depart


Key Responsibilities:

  • Report to and work directly with Program Director
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver enrichment curriculum
  • Supervise and manage proctors
  • Foster a positive learning environment
  • Reside in the Deerfield dormitories for the duration of the program and perform assigned supervisory roles
  • Act as a an advisor to a small number of students, make welcome phone calls to advisees in June and provide support as needed
  • Work with faculty and proctors to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants
  • Lead nightly dorm meeting on varying topics surrounding boarding school life
  • Provide wrap-up comments on each students’ social development during the program
  • Help to clean up dorms and borrowed equipment after student departure
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned

Key Qualifications:

  • Genuine passion for helping students to grow and the ability to foster a healthy learning environment
  • Thrives in team environment and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Commitment to the learning and success of all children through high expectations and accountability
  • Experience with Private and/or Boarding school either as a student or teacher preferred, but not required
  • Counseling background or experience in youth development or school admissions at a KIPP School, preferred but not required

The KIPP Foundation Values – What We Believe:

  • Sense of purpose. We are inspired to fulfill a mission larger than ourselves. We are a place for people who enjoy the roles we play in service to our schools and regions.
  • We work hard to deliver supports and services that are truly valuable to our schools and regions and the kids they serve. We are resilient, persisting through obstacles and collaborating across teams in pursuit of solutions.
  • We appreciate all who are engaged in this challenging work and treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Constant learning and humility. We seek out and expect regular, constructive feedback, keeping in mind the limitations of our own experience. We recognize that compelling research, data, and personal experience offers us the opportunity to change our practices to best serve our children.
  • Diversity and inclusivity. We are building an organization in which talented individuals from all walks of life and past work experiences can join our team and make significant contributions. We are particularly committed to attracting and developing individuals who share the life experiences or racial backgrounds of our students.


The compensation for this project is determined by the Program Director.


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Deerfield Academy does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, transgender status, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, age, disability, status as a veteran or being a member of the Reserves or National Guard, or any other classification protected under state or federal law.