Job Posting: DASAC Counselor

Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp (DASAC) is seeking exceptional candidates to teach in our Visual and Performing Arts studios for the summer program of 2020, which runs from July 7 through August 14.  We teach across a wide range of disciplines, which are listed on our camp’s web site:  Strong applicants will be able to identify as artists and educators through their prior work and artistic portfolios.  Most of our staff members are either recent college graduates or current  students majoring in an artistic discipline.


Now in our 30th year, DASAC is an energetic, ambitious day arts camp that seeks to help awaken the potential of young artists.  Each summer we host nearly 200 campers, ages 11-16, in a progressive learning environment that puts a premium on personal agency and artistic play.

The DASAC staff is comprised of 24 skilled artist-teachers that value both sophisticated work and developing the exciting, but often-unpredictable, artistic process with others.  In most years, over half of the staff hold degrees in their artistic field; the remainder of the staff was comprised of college students working towards their degrees.  They share a deep, abiding interest in the art of teaching as well; several DASAC staff members are typically licensed teachers each year, and many of us work with students outside of the camp term.

In the spirit of the camp’s progressive philosophy, our staff frequently collaborates across a variety of projects and disciplines, taking a special joy in learning from each other in a vibrant and healthy community of peers.

Staff Role and Responsibilities

All members of the DASAC staff commit to 7 weeks of work together, comprised of 2 three-week sessions of camp and a week of staff training that begins with their arrival the morning of June 26th.  Camp sessions run Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. All staff have regular duties across the working day and occasional duties in the evenings.  The camp season ends on Monday, August 17th.

Staff members teach 2-3 classes in their respective studios each camp day in addition to overseeing a session-long arts project with another counselor.  All staff have non-teaching duties during the camp day and occasionally in the evenings.  Due to the nature of the work, we advise applicants to not have any additional work responsibilities outside of DASAC for the duration of their time at camp.

Regular staff member duties include but are not limited to:

  • designing and creating new classes in their studios throughout the summer;
  • teaching those classes, using both individual and co-teaching models;
  • overseeing the organization, safety and upkeep of their studio facilities and materials;
  • offering quality technical instruction germane to their studio;
  • developing and leading a session-long “focus” project with another counselor;
  • reliably completing various staff duties, including camper supervision and lesson planning work;
  • communicating consistently with fellow staff and the camp directors about camp work and responsibilities.

DASAC thrives on staff collaboration.  Staff members should expect to regularly attend and actively contribute during staff meetings, class planning sessions and assist fellow staff in the daily work of the camp.

Applying to DASAC

Interested applicants should be prepared to demonstrate sustained interest and technical skill in their respective fields.  Successful candidates have a degree in their field or are well-along in their work towards one.  Applicants should also have either a background in arts instruction and/or demonstrate a clear interest in working with teens and pre-teens. We are especially interested in candidates whose philosophy of teaching and making art is focused on active experimentation, collaboration and the joy of creation itself.

We consider social justice and in the arts and education as core tenet of our work and look for applicants with a demonstrated commitment to these values.  Finally, candidates should be able to show independence, organization, attention to the safety of those they work with, and potential to contribute to the DASAC ethos.

DASAC is a day program for campers, but all staff members are expected to live on campus at Deerfield Academy, who owns and oversees the program.  All staff live together in an on-campus dormitory and are provided room and board as part of their compensation package.  The staff is encouraged to use their after-hours time to take advantage of their full access to camp art studios and supplies for their own work throughout the summer.

Interested applicants should complete click here to apply online application.  This application should include a cover letter that explains their interest in working at DASAC and any content that we wouldn’t find elsewhere on their application.  Applicants should provide means to see/hear their artistic work as part of the process whenever possible. Digital links and/or uploads are welcome; physical work can be sent by emailing the director, John Bechtold, at with a request to do so.