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Deerfield students study English, history, modern language, classical language and philosophy and religion with an emphasis on examining the human condition. Students thrive in small classes where teachers facilitate lively discussions in a seminar-style setting.

Questions and Object Lessons

Interdisciplinary classes give students the opportunity to dissolve the ridgid boundaries of traditional learning.

  • From Observation to Insight

    Nahla Achi’s journey to a school in Tanzania motivated her to tackle challenging research about third-world education.

  • Senior Meditation

    Composing a senior meditation is a rite of passage at Deerfield; for Nhyira Asante, it was also a labor of love.

Experience in Classroom

Take a glimpse inside our classrooms and experience a snippet of what out students are learning about.

  • The Pinyin System

    One small tone difference can be the difference between saying “mother” and “toad”. Learn more from Mrs. Kelly.

  • You Can Make a Poem Out of Anything

    What is a poem? A note scribbled upon a piece of paper. Explore the dimensions of poetry Mr. Cary.

  • World Languages, Global Citizenship

    Language provides students with real-world access to experiences beyond their own; watch students travel in Colombia to learn more about asking great questions.

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“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.”

—David McCullough

Step Inside the Classroom

Deerfield offers up to 90 different classes throughout the humanities. Check out some examples:

  • American Identities

    Discover a patchwork of ethnicities, races, religions, and personal experiences—an America which emerges through literature.

  • Political Philosophy

    Should there be a government? If so, what should be its responsibilities? What should be the extent of its authority?

  • History Research: Memory & Myth

    Our understanding of the past influences our policies and shapes our identities. Yet, that understanding is often flawed and rooted in myth.

    Browse more English, history, language and philosophy and religion courses—or check out our complete course catalog.

Bringing in Outside Knowledge

Outside of the classroom, events and speakers offer students the opportunity to expand their horizons and delve into their interests.

  • Deerfield Writing Program

    Writing is a central aspect of Deerfield’s curriculum, from freshman year when students learn the fundamentals of persuasive writing to senior mediations, four years later.

  • Clubs: Scroll, Albany Road, and Pocumtuck

    These three student groups document current events, the arts and literature of campus, and the history of each class.