Healthy Deerfield

and the 2020-2021 School Year

Deerfield Academy Community health pledge

Deerfield’s Community Pledge, created by students, has never more important than it is today. “Concern for others,” demonstrated through everyday habits such as mask wearing and physical distancing, must be our shared top priority. This Community Health Pledge seeks to outline these practices clearly and explicitly so we all can do our part to keep Deerfield healthy.

As a Deerfield student during the 2020 – 2021 academic year, I acknowledge and accept the important role I will play in keeping myself, the Academy, and the local community safe. I have read and understand the health and safety practices outlined in this contract, and I agree to adhere to them and to any other health-based expectations set by the school. I recognize that occasional missteps are understandable but that repeated violations of these expectations—regardless of intent—pose considerable risk to myself and to others and will likely be handled by the Dean of Students and/or Class Dean in consultation with my advisor, faculty resident, teachers, and/or co-curricular supervisor. I understand that, in some instances, repeated violations may result in my removal from a campus program and/or separation from campus for a period of time.

I acknowledge that these expectations are subject to modification as new information and guidance become available, and I agree to check the Daily Bulletin on a regular basis for the most current policy.

Pre-arrival Expectations

Health and Wellness

I pledge:

  • To limit social interactions outside of my immediate household;
  • To adhere to physical distancing of at least 6 feet
    (2 meters) in public settings;
  • To wear a face covering in public settings where other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain;
  • To avoid large group assemblies of 10 or more people;
  • To limit the use of public transportation and minimize air, bus, and train If mass transit must be used, I will wear a cloth face covering for the duration of travel time, wipe down seat, arm rests, and tray table with sanitizing wipes before use, and use hand sanitizer and wash my hands frequently.

On-Campus Expectations

I pledge:

  • To participate in pre-arrival Healthy Deerfield
  • To comply with in-room quarantine requirements upon my return to campus.
  • To comply with daily screening protocols and also those for testing and tracing.
  • To be honest in answering questions about my contacts.

Please note: Admission of rule-breaking in the course of answering questions from a contact tracer will not lead to disciplinary action.

  • To maintain appropriate (at least 6 feet) physical distance from others whenever possible.
  • To wear a mask in accordance with Deerfield’s mask policy.
  • To wash my hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout each day.
  • To use provided disinfectant wipes and supplies to clean and disinfect surfaces with which I come into contact—including but not limited to dorm common rooms and restrooms, classrooms, and dining areas.
  • To report any potential COVID-19 symptoms to Security or the Chen Center immediately and to refrain from contact with others at the onset of those symptoms.
  • To refrain from sharing items that might transmit virus: water bottles, earbuds, cosmetics, sunglasses, etc.

Campus Movement

 I pledge:

  • To congregate only in designated areas of campus, wearing a mask, maintaining adequate physical distance, and complying with all signage, including capacity limits
  • To sit only in seats designated and clearly marked as available in classrooms and other campus buildings, including dorms.
  • To refrain from moving furniture from its designated location.
  • To follow procedures and signage for traffic flow around campus and also entering and exiting campus buildings and classrooms,
  • To comply with campus dining guidelines and etiquette.
  • To refrain from visiting other squads or areas in my dorm.
  • To refrain from letting members of other squads in my dorm.
  • To refrain from visiting students in other dorms.
  • To refrain from letting students from other dorms into my dorm.
    • Proctors will have two squad affiliations: one in their own dorm and another with the junior and senior squad of their

Travel and Guests

I pledge:

  • To refrain from having outside guests—including family members—in my dorm, on my hall, and in my squad.
  • To refrain from hosting outside guests on campus.
  • To remain on campus while school is in session and only leave campus if granted approval from my Class Dean or a member of the Student Life Office.
  • To comply, if approved to travel, with quarantine and testing requirements from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Chen Center.

Social Life and Recreation

I pledge:

  • To participate in student clubs, Alliances, visual and performing arts groups, and any other student life activity virtually as much as possible and, when not virtual, to observe physical distancing guidelines and other COVID-19-related safety protocols adopted by the Academy.
  • To refrain from participation in club sports and other extra-curricular activities outside of school.

This expectation will be updated in accordance with campus health indicators.

  • To refrain from organizing, hosting, or attending events or other social gatherings that may present safety risks to me and other members of the community.