Tim Schaffer, Program Coordinator

March 28, 2019

Tim SchafferMr. Schaffer does a little bit of everything here at the Experimentory: answers the phone, helps people fill out applications, files paperwork, draws the pictures for the Experimentory creative application questions, chaperones field trips, writes for the blog and social media, runs errands, tells corny jokes, and sneaks candy from the bin by Ms. Schaffer’s desk. Before Deerfield, he could be found working for an insurance company, destroying things people don’t want any more, or helping college students ponder the mysteries of life. On the creative side he writes: he contributes to his family’s storybook and pecks away at a speculative fiction novel. He is also a part time stay-at-home dad with his sweet, beautiful, happy daughter, Julia. He also reads, doodles, daydreams, teases, tells stories, and cuddles with his cat.  And, yes, he is married to Ms. Schaffer.