Gen Pitt, Assistant Director

March 27, 2019

As the Experimentory Director of Community Life, Ms. Pitt will be mentoring our team of Residential Assistants and working to run the Experimentory. With experience working at the Taft Summer Program (where she taught French, ESL, study skills, and current events) and with the Green Key Deerfield Orientation program, she has lots of ideas of how to make a group of individual kids into a community. Ms. Pitt has a wonderful three-year old daughter. Charlotte inspires her to see the world through new eyes and explore places like the Boston Children’s Museum and the Eric Carle Museum. However, there is one way in which Ms. Pitt is woefully unprepared for the Experimentory this summer: having grown up in Quebec – where Elementary school spans K-6 and High School covers grades 7-11 – she has technically never been a middle school student!