Statistics Club

June 18, 2014

This club gathers big data by surveying the students through a statistics software called “R.” Through these results, the club can meet the needs of the students and suggest a solution for it. For instance, we can have a survey about the dining hall food, and if the majority of students are satisfied or dissatisfied with certain menu, we can make adjustments through it.

Not only does the club help meet the needs of the students, it also contributes to the Scroll. There can be a separate section on the Scroll, where the students can be informed of new statistical data and take interest in it.

Moreover, just like the Math Club, Statistics Club can also participate in national competitions, such as the R tournament. The club can represent Deerfield Academy and participate in competitions.

Student Officer: Ryan Shin ’22

Student Officer:

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Meier (