Spin Club

June 18, 2014

Student Officers: Lilly Berry ’21, Izzy Faiola ’21, Bennett Pitcher ’21 and Kyle Patton ’21

Student Officer Email: lberry21@deerfield.edu

Faculty Advisor: Gabi Biscottini (gbiscottini@deerfield.edu)

We feel that starting this club will not only create a fun, and inclusive student-led environment, but will also promote fitness. Spin classes are currently taught by Gabi on Tuesday mornings, however, we feel that starting a club will provide a stress-free and low commitment environment for students who don’t want a distraction during their weekday mornings. We plan to meet on Saturday or Sunday morning. It will be “walk-in” type deal, where students can feel free to drop by for a quick workout in the morning. This schedule may change, as the logistics still need to be set in place!