Olympics & Talent Show

July 20, 2015

In Saturday’s “Olympic Games”, The KIPP STEP and Experimentory students joined forces for some competitive fun. Collaborative activities such as the three-legged race, the egg-and-spoon relay, and the potato-sack race gave students from both programs a chance to bond over a common goal: victory. But most importantly, the games allowed the Experimentory students to make connections with new friends.19642033059_67017c58ab_o

Hannah enjoyed meeting kids from KIPP and explained that camaraderie was the secret to her team’s success. “Our team won the ‘Blind-folded Maze’ because we were able to support each other—we had to trust our teammates to not let us walk into a tree.”

Saturday evening was dedicated to showcasing the immense talent present in the Experimentory community. Acts in the Talent Show ranged from comedy skits to dance routines; piano pieces to singing performances. The crowd was not only impressed by each student’s abilities, but by their willingness to share their talents—no stage fright in sight!

“[The show] was awesome!” said Sean. “I got to see the people’s talents and learn more about them. If in weren’t for the Talent Show, I may have never known how skilled they were.”

19642033299_c07e4fe9bc_o“We had so much fun practicing and preforming, “ said Kyle, who participated in a choreographed dance to “Gangnam Style” by Psy with over eight other students—a performance that earned many laughs from the audience.

As the second weekend at the Experimentory begins, students look forward to many more days of collaboration, fun, and pushing one’s boundaries to grow and learn.