• How are students placed in the appropriate level of math and language classes?

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    Before they enter Deerfield, all new students are required to take a math placement test to determine an appropriate class. Students who have already taken a language they wish to continue studying at Deerfield will take a placement test to determine what level class they should take. If the placement in either department is deemed inappropriate after the student arrives, then the section teacher may suggest a change of level. Students may also request such a change and should consult with their teacher and their academic advisor before contacting the Office of the Academic Dean.

  • Can I use a non-Deerfield issued laptop?

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    You will be expected to use your Deerfield laptop in class and for school work. You may bring a second computer, but it will have to go through a registration process and have our standard virus protection installed. ITS cannot provide any technical support for non-standard computers and all computers must conform to the required specifications listed below in order to connect to our network and the Internet. However, ITS will make documentation available with instructions for connecting to the Deerfield network and accessing the Academy’s public printers.

    REQUIRED Specifications for Non-Standard Computers

    Windows XP Professional, Vista Business, 7 Professional or higher
    Mac OS X Leopard or higher

    All computers connecting to our network will be scanned to verify that they meet these required specifications.

  • Can students try out for a sport they have never played?

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    Deerfield students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and try new experiences. If a student wishes to play a new sport, then he/she can participate in tryouts along with the other athletes, and will be placed according to their skill level. Most sports at Deerfield have multiple teams, so those new to a particular sport will usually have the opportunity to play at an appropriate level. Beginners should be sure to notify the coach if they require guidance in navigating a new sport.

  • What furniture is provided in dorm rooms?

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    Every dorm room has a small closet or wardrobe, 80″ twin bed, bureau, desk and chair, mirror, wastebasket, overhead light, and carpeting.

  • Are students required to play a sport each term?

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    Students are required to participate in a co-curricular activity each term. “Co-curriculars” do not necessarily have to be an interscholastic sport. Other options include community service, dance, theater, recreational sports, or even managing a sport. Additionally, students with talents in certain areas such as the arts may apply for a co-curricular exemption, in which they pursue their talent under the guidance of a Deerfield faculty member. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to participate in at least two terms of interscholastic athletics per year.

  • I want to send a package to a Deerfield student. How should I address the package?

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    If you are sending the package via UPS or FedEx, send it to:

    Student Name
    7 Boyden Lane
    Deerfield Academy
    Deerfield, MA 01342

    If you are sending the package via USPS, send it to:

    Student Name
    PO Box 298
    Deerfield Academy
    Deerfield, MA 01342

  • What are the Workman and Earle-Mendillo Grants and the Cost Award?

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    The Center for Service and Global Citizenship offers two types of grants: CSGC Grants and Micro-Grants.

    CSGC Grants: These grants invite Deerfield Academy students to serve others during their summer months. The grants are offered through the generosity of the Cost, Earle, Mendillo and Workman families, and the funds are provided to honor the call in our Mission Statement:

    A vibrant, ethical community that embraces diversity, the Academy prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world that requires global understanding, environmental stewardship, and dedication to service.

    Micro-Grants: Through the CSGC, students can apply to up to $150 to fund student-generated projects on and off campus during the school year.

    For more information, please visit the CSGC Grants page.

  • When do students typically study abroad?

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    Study abroad is available to all students from their sophomore to senior years, although typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year.

  • Are students required to have graphing calculators?

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    All Deerfield math students are expected to have their own graphing calculator and to be proficient in its use.  Any TI-84 graphing calculators is fine, but we recommend the TI‑84 Plus CE which is available for purchase from the Hitchcock House, or at most department stores. Teachers are happy to help students learn to use their calculators if necessary.

  • How is math placement determined?

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    New students are sent a placement test in the spring before they enter Deerfield, according to their math record at their previous school. Taking account of each student’s placement score, requested math course, and academic transcript, the math department places students in appropriate classes to match their skill level. Adjustments to levels may be made during the first two weeks of the new term to be sure students are in the class best suited to their abilities.

  • Do I need a personal printer?

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    Some students find it convenient to bring their own personal printer, but we also encourage students to take advantage of public networked printers which are available in a number of convenient locations around the school, including the Help Desk and the Library.

  • Can students have jobs on campus?

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    There are some opportunities for students to work on campus, such as at the Greer Store. All students must submit the appropriate paperwork with the Human Resources Office.

  • Are interviews required for prospective students?

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    An on-campus interview is an important part of the application process. All candidates who live within a 350-mile radius of Deerfield are required to interview on-campus by February 1. If you are unable to visit campus before February, you can schedule a Skype or phone interview with an Admission Associate or interview with a Regional Admission Representative in your area. Find more information about how to schedule interviews.

  • Does Deerfield have an honor roll?

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    In order to garner Honors distinction a student must have a cumulative term average above 90.0%. High Honors requires an average of 93.0% or above. Exemplary students with a grade point average of 92.0 or higher may qualify for admission to the Cum Laude Society, a national honor society. For more about grading and the honor roll, please visit the Grading & Assessment Page.

  • Do Deerfield students buy their textbooks?

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    Textbooks are supplied by the Academy and do not need to be purchased.

    At the end of the year, the Boyden Library sponsors a book buyback program, in which students can sell their textbooks.

  • Do Deerfield students have other dining options besides the Dining Hall?

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    In addition to the Dining Hall, Dining Services runs the Greer Store and the Louis Cafe, to provide students with drinks, snacks, and light meals outside of meal times.

    Students can also order food (outside of study hours) from several restaurants who deliver to campus.

  • What financial aid does Deerfield offer?

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    Deerfield offers a need-based financial aid program that includes full-need grants, which cover 98% or more of tuition costs and other fees, and middle-income grants, which vary in size. More information about the financial aid application process is available on our website. If you have specific questions regarding your financial aid application please contact the Financial Aid office.

  • Does Deerfield offer music lessons?

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    Deerfield offers applied music lessons in many instruments. Music lessons require an extra fee and take place during a free period once a week.

  • When I am allowed to be off-campus for a weekend?

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    Deerfield students can leave campus during most weekends, provided that they submit the overnight permission form and their request is approved. Some weekends throughout the year are closed–including Commencement–and on these weekends, students may not leave campus. All closed weekends are marked on the Deerfield Academy calendar.

  • What is Naviance?

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    Naviance is an online college search tool that helps students research potential colleges, keep track of their prospective and active applications, and estimate the likelihood of admission based on the results of previous Deerfield students’ grades and testing profiles as compared to each individual student’s personal academic record. All students are given access to Naviance in the fall of their junior year, and parents are given their own log-in information shortly afterwards.  Naviance is the site through which Deerfield submits the school’s portion of a student’s application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation), so it’s important that students keep their application information up to date on Naviance.

  • How do students see a dentist or orthodontist?

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    The Health Center staff schedules appointments with local dentists and orthodontists. Transportation to and from the dentist or orthodontist’s office can be provided for a small fee.

  • What standardized tests are required for application to Deerfield?

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    Prospective students should take one of the following standardized tests suggested for your year of candidacy:

    9th or 10th Grade: SSAT or ISEE
    11th Grade: SSAT, ISEE, or PSAT
    12th Grade and Post-Graduate: PSAT, SAT, or ACT
    International Candidates: TOEFL and/or SSAT or SAT*

    *International candidates: Please note that international students applying for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades are welcome to take both the SSAT and the TOEFL if they so desire. International students applying for 12th grade or the post-graduate year are invited to take the SAT in addition to the TOEFL.

  • Does Deerfield offer AP and accelerated courses?

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    Because of its commitment to rigorous academics, Deerfield offers a wide range of accelerated and Advanced Placement courses. All of Deerfield’s classes are appropriately challenging, but AP and accelerated courses provide an extra challenge for ambitious students. The course catalog offers a full listing of the Academy’s academic offerings.

  • What is the Science, Math, and Technology Symposium?

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    Every spring, students who undertake research projects as part of upper-level science courses, such as Biomedical Research, Robotics, and Electric Vehicle Engineering, present their work and share their results at the Science, Math, and Technology Symposium.

  • Do varsity athletes need to arrive earlier at the start of the year?

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    Varsity candidates will typically have preseason tryouts before school begins, and therefore should plan on arriving three or more days early. Coaches notify candidates during the summer if they should arrive early, and arrival dates are posted on the Deerfield Academy calendar.

  • What role do advisors play in students’ educational experience?

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    All students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their time at Deerfield. After their first year students may choose a new advisor, or continue with their original one, depending on the relationships they have developed with Deerfield’s faculty. Advisors are responsible for submitting course requests and writing an advisor report every term. They are available for any questions a student may have and are involved in every major academic or athletic decision a student makes while at Deerfield. In addition, faculty eat lunch with their advisees every Thursday and may schedule outside events for their advisees. Advisors are a key component of the Deerfield experience, as they provide guidance and friendship to students throughout their time at Deerfield.

  • When can students pick up their packages?

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    The Shipping and Receiving Office is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Even if the Shipping and Receiving staff is not available students can still pick up their packages if they sign the pick-up sheet.

  • Are there laundry services available for athletic clothing?

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    Deerfield does provide laundry services for athletic clothing. Students should be aware that due to turnaround time they may want to have multiple sets of clothing to avoid any problems.

  • What is a declamation?

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    The declamation is one of the key components of the Deerfield English curriculum. In the spring every year students present a declamation to their classmates. Freshmen read from a work of literary merit, sophomores memorize and recite a short selection from a piece of literature, juniors write and recite a short piece pertaining to some aspect of American culture, and seniors write and read a long meditation that reflects on their time at Deerfield. From each section of freshman, sophomore and junior English classes, an exceptional declamation is chosen to compete in declamation finals. Seniors may submit their meditations to the English Department, who will choose several to be read at school meetings, as well as in smaller settings after dinner during the spring.

  • Do students go on field trips for class?

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    For certain classes (particularly environmental science, geology, and biology), the surrounding area serves as a wonderful learning environment. From learning about sustainable aquaculture at a local fish farm to investigating leaf structures in trees on campus, there is always the possibility to step outside the classroom to provide perspective on material covered in class.

  • Do students have the opportunity to pursue summer research in science?

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    Students are encouraged to pursue summer science research through programs at labs across the country. Dr. Ivory Hills, a member of the science faculty, supports students who wish to undertake summer research.

  • Do I need previous dance experience to take dance classes at Deerfield?

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    No, beginners are welcome!

  • Does Deerfield have a mascot?

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    Deerfield has no mascot, but it does have symbols, and the three most important are the Door, the Seal, and the Deerfield colors.

    Located on the front of the John Williams Dormitory, the Deerfield Door is the primary symbol of the Academy. Its architectural design represents part of the Pocumtuck Valley’s heritage as well as the Academy’s historical tradition.

    The Academy Seal is a more formal symbol, which includes a detailed image of the Deerfield Door, the phrase “Founded 1797,” and the school’s motto: “Be Worthy of Your Heritage.” A bronze version of the seal can be found on the floor of the main entrance to the Athletic Center; a long-standing Deerfield tradition holds that it is bad luck to step on the seal.

    Perhaps the most prevalent symbols of Deerfield are the school colors—green and white. At games, the cheer “Go Big Green!” is constantly heard, and loyal Deerfield students and alumni are said to “bleed green.”

  • Will online classes follow the usual daily Deerfield class schedule?

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    No. The schedule will be modified and will include some times to be “in class” together as well as time to work independently. “Class time” will be recorded and archived so may be watched at a student’s convenience and in their time zone.

  • Does Deerfield use grass-fed beef?

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    Deerfield Academy dining services gets all of their ground beef from the Lewis Family Farm in Essex, NY. This beef is 100% certified organic, and the cows are grass-fed their entire lives. This is just one more example of how Deerfield Academy is leading the way towards serving more local and wholesome foods that sustain the local community and while nourishing our DA community with delicious and healthful foods.

  • What is the Green Cup Challenge?

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    For the past several years, Deerfield has participated in the Green Cup Challenge, an interscholastic energy conservation competition. The school that reduces its kWh usage by the largest percentage wins. The school that reduces GHG emissions by the largest percentage is recognized.

    Deerfield runs an on-campus competition during the Green Cup Challenge. Through the month-long challenge, our students follow the success of their dormitory on our energy dashboard and compare their achievements to their on-campus peers and to other schools. The dorm that reduces its energy the most from an established baseline wins a significant prize—an on-campus activity for themselves and another dorm of their choosing, AND a cash prize proportional to dorm size. Because the Green Cup Challenge is a month-long event, we believe that the changed energy consumption practices are more likely to become a learned behavior.

  • What are some important traditions at Deerfield?

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    Living Tradition

    Craig_102313 2013-10-23 (27)A variety of time-honored traditions distinguish the Deerfield experience. They are at once revered, respected, and influenced by the student body. Students fully embrace the historic aspects of these traditions, while making them wholly their own, contributing their knowledge, insight, and spirit to improve upon a base of more than 200 years. Several of Deerfield’s central traditions are described below, but many others–the Deerfield Boy and Girl, long-running school dances, Spring Day, and senior-faculty soirees to name just a few–also contribute to the vibrancy of the school.

    Each fall the Head of School brings the freshmen up to the Rock, where they can look out across Deerfield’s buildings and fields. Students return many times throughout their years at Deerfield, and a trip to the Rock is often one of the last activities of graduating seniors. Current students share the experience of climbing to the Rock with generations of Deerfield alumni, who made the same trek many years before. The view has changed remarkably since then, but the experience remains the same.

    Seven times a week the entire campus community gathers in the Dining Hall for a family-style meal. Nine students and one faculty member  eat at each round table, which creates the opportunity  for deeper connections between members of the community. After dinner every Sunday night, the entire student body joins together for one of Deerfield’s most cherished traditions, the singing of the Evensong.

    choateday_ 2013-11-11One of the most popular campus events every year is Choate Day,when Deerfield’s athletic teams compete against their chief rival, Choate Rosemary Hall. The night before, Deerfield’s cheerleaders lead a pep rally, and students gather for a bonfire on the lower level. Nearly every athletic event draws a healthy crowd of Deerfield student and alumni fans who, with the help of the cheerleaders, cheer on Deerfield’s teams with cries of “Go Big Green!” and “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!”

    Since the school’s founding, Deerfield students have been required to dress with professionalism for classes. Though it can be daunting at first, most students find that they become accustomed to–and even enjoy–the ritual of dressing up for class.

    Every Wednesday morning the entire student body and faculty crowd into the Large Auditorium for school meeting. Students sit by class, and each meeting begins with class cheers, followed by the singing of one of Deerfield’s songs. The contents of each meeting vary, but usually include pertinent announcements, student performances, and featured speakers. Students are invited and encouraged to contribute to the meeting with announcements and presentations. Gathering as a community where everyone can have his or her voice heard contributes to the cohesiveness and warmth of the community.

  • What is Deerfield’s TOEFL school code?

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    Deerfield’s TOEFL school is 9577.

  • Will students need their textbooks and other supplies?

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    No. Teachers know that students won’t have all their typical school supplies. The only required and necessary tool will be your Deerfield-issued laptop (and charger!)

  • What is the Pursuit of Excellence Policy?

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    The Pursuit of Excellence Policy states that students may miss up to five class days a year if an unusual and extraordinary opportunity arises, including opportunities in a variety of academic, athletic, and artistic fields. The Office of the Academic Dean determines the legitimacy of pursuit of excellence requests on a case-by-case basis. Any request to miss classes should be directed through the Request to Miss Classes Form.

  • How can students get involved in community service?

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    Students can pursue service as a co-curricular option, engaging in community service projects one to four days a week. Projects include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County, Second-Helpings (a food kitchen and food distribution program), Musica Franklin (music instruction to middle-school students), and after-school programs at two local elementary schools. In addition, students can engage in service abroad in the Cambiando Vidas program in the Dominican Republic, and a variety of other CSGC service trips. Students have the opportunity to design their own programs in their local community and abroad, utilizing funding from the Charles Cost Award, or David Workman Grant to be used in the summer or during the school year.  Every athletic team also participates in at least one day of local community service at some point during their season.

  • Do new students receive instructions on how to operate their laptops?

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    All new students will attend a technology orientation soon after they arrive at Deerfield. A schedule and details will be posted on our Back to School site before the start of school.  We will also offer workshops throughout the year on various topics.

  • How do students know if they have a package?

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    Students receive a notification email when their package is ready. They can visit the Shipping and Receiving Plant on the south side of the Physical Plant building to pick it up. Packages are arranged in alphabetical order on the shelf to the right of the door. Students must sign the pick-up sheet on the desk before they leave.

  • What are e-proctors?

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    Environmental proctors are student leaders in sustainability efforts at Deerfield Academy. Working with the Sustainability Coordinator, e-proctors participate in a variety of projects, including dormitory recycling and energy conservation challenges, and promote sustainability around campus.

  • What are double period classes?

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    Most Advanced Placement science courses are two periods to allow ample lab and discussion time. Double period classes are some of the most rigorous and challenging courses Deerfield has to offer in terms of content, and the extra time allows teachers to guide their students through the material at a pace that allows for greater depth of understanding. A double period schedule also provides time for enrichment opportunities such as field trips and guest speakers, without conflicting with the established daily schedule.

  • When should I apply for the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching Program?

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    We begin reviewing applications for the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching Program in January each year. Applicants interested in the Deerfield Academy Teaching Fellows Program, please fill out the form here. Decisions are usually made from mid-April through mid-May.



  • How are athletes placed on teams at appropriate skill levels?

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    Each sport holds tryouts at the beginning of the season to determine appropriate placement for students trying out. Deerfield does its best to put all of its students in the position to succeed and grow as athletes, and these efforts are reflected in the composition of its teams.

  • What study abroad options does Deerfield offer?

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    Deerfield has a wide net of international associations, and therefore has the ability to offer a broad spectrum of study abroad opportunities. Semesters abroad in Jordan, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas are highlights of Deerfield’s international programs, which also include Round Square service trips, a variety of School Year Abroad opportunities, exchange programs, and faculty-led trips to places such as the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Colombia and China.

  • Does Deerfield have student bands?

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    Deerfield has a number of student bands, from a string orchestra to a jazz band. Some bands meet during class periods, while others hold rehearsals in the evening. All bands are directed by Deerfield’s music faculty and perform at school meetings and performing arts showcases.

  • Are students required to take a music class during their Deerfield careers?

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    Students are not required to take music classes, but may use music to fulfill their two-term visual/performing arts requirement. For more detailed information, please refer to Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • What are history electives?

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    Many upper-level history classes terminate after two terms, leaving an empty period in students’ schedule. In January, Deerfield’s English and History Departments release a list of one-term spring electives that juniors and seniors can take during the spring term. These classes are typically smaller in size, and cover more unusual subject matter in history teachers’ specific areas of interest and study.

  • I am thinking about applying to Deerfield, and I’d like to find out more about the school. How can I request more information?

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    Fill out our Request for Information form, and we will send you information that will be helpful in learning more about Deerfield and our application process.

    You can also explore our website and learn more about our academic program, campus, and mission.

  • What’s the history of the Academy?

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    Days of Glory, for More than 200 Years

    Our Head of School


    Margarita O’Byrne Curtis was appointed Deerfield’s 55th Head of School in July of 2006. Dr. Curtis graduated from Tulane University and earned her doctorate in Romance Languages and Literature from Harvard University. Before becoming a faculty member at Phillips Academy Andover, she taught at Harvard and won, for four consecutive years, the Certificate of Distinction in Teaching from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

    Dr. Curtis believes that Deerfield, because of its traditions, close-knit community, and dedicated faculty, is uniquely positioned to provide a superior education, building character, along with a commitment to educational excellence. She engages the skills and talents of devoted and caring faculty and staff as she collaboratively develops a bold vision that will carry Deerfield into its third century.

    The Early Years

    On March 1, 1797, Governor Samuel Adams signed a bill granting a charter for the founding of an academy in Deerfield. The school’s trustees pledged the Academy to “the instruction of youth, and the promotion of piety, religion, and morality.”

    The arrival of Frank L. Boyden in 1902 marked the beginning of the second significant phase of the Academy’s history. Thousands of Deerfield graduates fondly remember Mr. Boyden not only as the driving force of the Academy, but also as the major figure of their developmental years.

    “The test of worth of any school… is the record of service of her alumni.”
    — Frank L. Boyden

    In 1968, after 66 years of leadership, Mr. Boyden retired as headmaster. He was succeeded by David M. Pynchon. Mr. Pynchon greatly expanded and strengthened the curriculum and faculty. He continued his predecessor’s efforts to solidify the Academy’s economic support.

    Following the Boyden Legacy

    Mr. Pynchon left Deerfield in May 1980, and Robert E. Kaufmann was appointed headmaster. Mr. Kaufmann, who had taught under Mr. Boyden in the 1960s, oversaw Deerfield’s transition from an all-boys school to a coeducational institution, and he also completed a major building and renovation program. Mr. Kaufmann retired as headmaster in 1994.

    Eric Widmer, a graduate of Deerfield’s Class of 1957, was appointed headmaster in July of 1994. During his 12 years of leadership, Mr. Widmer strengthened the Academy’s commitment to financial aid, initiated exciting international learning opportunities, and enhanced the physical environment for both living and learning by introducing state-of-the-art technology throughout the campus. Mr. Widmer retired in June of 2006 to serve as the founding Headmaster of King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan.

  • Are there opportunities to participate in global studies without spending an entire semester abroad?

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    A variety of faculty-led trips allow students to travel under the guidance of a Deerfield teacher without having to spend the entire year living and studying in a foreign country. These trips, which usually take place during spring break or the summer, often include a homestay, and are a great way to improve language skills and experience a different culture.

  • Are there music performances at Deerfield?

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    There are many music performances throughout the year. Students and faculty often play at school meetings and at performing arts showcases, as well as in one student concert each term. Deerfield also brings in a number of musical artists for concerts, dances and special events. These are arranged by different student organizations, and are open to all students.

  • How often does the theater program put on productions?

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    The Deerfield theater department puts on three productions a year, one each trimester. These are full-length, high-quality productions with casts comprised entirely of Deerfield students, and directed by Deerfield’s theater director, Catriona Hynds.

  • What is Deerfield’s SSAT school code?

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    Deerfield’s SSAT school code is 2770.

  • Is telephone service available in dormitories?

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    Phone service is not available in dorm rooms, but a public phone is provided in each dorm. For questions contact the Help Desk at 413-774-1444 (x1444) or send us an email.

  • What do Hitchcock House and the Athletic Store sell?

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    Hitchcock House sells school supplies, computer accessories, Deerfield clothing/merchandise, books, toiletries, greeting cards, small gifts, stationery, and wrapping paper.

    The Athletic Store offers much of the same clothing as Hitchcock House, with the addition of performance and athletic apparel, as well as sports equipment and supplies.

  • Will work interfere with required activities?

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    All campus stores have a strictly enforced policy that school and academics always come first. If a student hears of a required meeting or other school related activity that they must attend students are asked to inform their supervisor as early as possible in an effort to find a replacement. But even if they are unable to find a replacement that student would be excused from work. 

  • Does Deerfield have athletic trainers?

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    Deerfield employs two full-time athletic trainers, who work in the Athletic Training Office, located in the Athletic Center. Trainers work with injured athletics and coordinate a weekly Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Clinic staffed by an orthopedic surgeon.

  • What is Deerfield’s application fee?

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    The application fee is $60 for students living in the US or Canada and $125 for students living outside the US or Canada. Fee waivers are available by contacting the Admission Office.

  • Can I submit my application to Deerfield online?

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    Deerfield’s application is available online through the Gateway to Prep Schools website. You can also download the application forms from our website.

  • Where is the nearest airport to Deerfield?

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    The nearest airport is Bradley International Airport, located outside of Hartford, Connecticut, 55 miles south of Deerfield on I-91. Deerfield arranges transportation on charter buses to Bradley Airport during Thanksgiving vacation, winter vacation, long winter weekend, and spring vacation. As sign-up time approaches, students will receive email instructions on how to purchase tickets. There are also many limo, taxi, and shuttle services available that provide transport to the airport.

  • Where can I find a complete packing list?

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    Visit our Living at Deerfield page for information on standard room furnishings, a packing list, and a list of prohibited items in dormitories.

  • Where do I find the Dining Hall menu for the entire week?

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    You can find the menu for today and tomorrow on the front page of the Daily Bulletin… but for the weekly menus, choose the “This Week” tab from the Daily Bulletin menu (near the top of the screen). On the “This Week” tab, you’ll find the entire week of Dining Hall Menus at the bottom of the screen.

  • What are some of the large-scale community service events students participate in?

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    The annual Spring Term Community Event, hosted at the Deerfield Academy Track, draws the largest number of students to any one service event.  Each year, the CSGC Student Board determines which organization will be the focus of our fundraising and awareness efforts, and the spring term event is the culmination of this year-long effort.  In the recent past, the American Cancer Society and Cancer Connection of Northampton have been the organizations the Deerfield Academy community has supported.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County is the service program with the largest participation, calling on approximately seventy juniors and seniors to serve as “Bigs” who spend Friday evenings with a child from Franklin County to serve as mentors and role models. Deerfield Academy also hosts several Red Cross blood drives, which collect blood for use in local hospitals, and students participate as donors and volunteers.

  • What is the Energy Dashboard and how is it used?

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    The Energy Dashboard displays daily, weekly, and annual energy consumption information in a building-by-building format. In addition, you can track the performance of solar power systems on two buildings. The Dashboard is an integral part of coursework in many classrooms, and it is wildly popular during the Green Cup Challenge each year.

  • What is a senior meditation?

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    A senior meditation is the culminating experience of the Deerfield English curriculum. Meditations are long, reflective pieces written by seniors, and presented to their classmates. The best meditations are read at school meeting and in some smaller settings. Content of meditations ranges from challenges conquered to friendships formed at Deerfield, but nearly all focus on individual growth over a student’s time at Deerfield.

  • Are students required to take a science class each year?

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    Students must take at least two years of science during their time at Deerfield. For more detailed information, see Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Can I have something I buy at Hitchcock House shipped to me?

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    Through Deerfield’s Online Store, you can purchase and ship an order to you. Consult the Online Store website for more information about shipping options and rates.

  • What are Deerfield’s graduation requirements?

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    Deerfield believes in a diverse education and therefore requires completion of a wide range of classes before students are allowed to graduate. Students should be aware of Deerfield’s full graduation requirements while registering for classes. Academic advisors and the Office of the Academic Dean are also available to discuss these requirements.

  • Who has access to the athletic trainers?

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    All students, faculty, and staff can seek help from Deerfield’s skilled athletic training staff regardless of their involvement in Deerfield athletics.

  • What do managers do?

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    Those who wish to be involved in Deerfield’s interscholastic athletic program but do not want to compete as an athlete may decide to serve as a manager. Many varsity teams require one or more managers to help them out during the season. Managers’ duties vary by sport, but typically involve equipment management and scorekeeping, as well other jobs the team requires.

  • Is community service an important part of the Deerfield experience?

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    The legacy of Frank L. Boyden means that service is an intrinsic part of a Deerfield education. Every year students are reminded of the words of Mr. Boyden: “The test of the worth of any school is, in the last analysis, the record of her alumni… it is our sincere hope that the tradition of service instilled and nurtured here… may endure always to the lasting benefit of the country and the world.” With such a powerful call for service at the heart of its mission, Deerfield places a strong emphasis on service in all its forms. As such, there are a plethora of service opportunities at Deerfield, and students are enthusiastically encouraged to participate as much as they can.

  • Does studying abroad set students back academically?

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    Deerfield’s study abroad partner schools offer a comparable set of courses, so students can fulfill Academy requirements with little or no penalty to their academic progress. All students who are thinking about studying abroad should meet with Director of Studies Lydia Hemphill for assistance in planning their study abroad experience.

  • What performance opportunities are available in dance?

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    There are many dance performances every term. Students perform at school meetings throughout and at the performing arts showcase at the end of each term.

  • Are there projects in science available for students?

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    There are several project-oriented classes in Deerfield’s science curriculum. Among these are Biomedical Research, Biochemical Research, Analytical Chemistry Research, Physics II: EV Engineering, Physics II: Exp Design/Robots, Environmental Science Projects, and Synthetic Biology Research. All science classes include projects of one kind or another, and their descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog.

  • What kinds of visual arts courses does Deerfield offer?

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    Deerfield students can take classes in drawing, painting, photography, calligraphy, graphics, information design, videography, architecture, among others.

  • What is the nearest hospital to Deerfield?

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    Baystate Franklin Medical Center, a 93-bed community hospital with a medical staff of approximately 150 physicians, is located five miles away in the town of Greenfield. Our tertiary care center and nearest Level 1 trauma center is the 650-bed Baystate Medical Center, located in Springfield, MA, 30 miles away.

  • How do I get permission to leave campus?

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    If you leave campus during the day for any reason, you must complete the off-campus signout form. If you would like to be off-campus for an overnight trip, including weekends, you MUST fill out the overnight permission form. If your request has been approved, you should print your confirmation and tape it to the door of your room.

    For a more detailed explanation of signout policies, visit our Travel and Signout page.

  • What are feeds?

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    Feeds are times when dormitory corridors gather to eat and enjoy time together. Each corridor is entitled to one free “feed” per term from the Dining Hall. During the fall and spring, the feed will be a hamburger/hot dog cookout with chips, condiments, cookies, fruit, and milk. During the winter term, grinders are served instead.

  • What is Think 80|20?

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    Think 80|20 is Deerfield’s campus recycling program, which has the goal of changing our habits so that only 20% of our campus waste ends up in a landfill. Think 80|20 signs are posted in all campus buildings and on all recycling/compost/landfill receptacles to educate people on how to dispose of their waste appropriately.

  • What opportunities are available for student writing outside the classroom?

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    Deerfield has numerous student-run publications, such as the school newspaper, The Scroll, and Albany Road, a collection of student writing and art. The Scroll has many editorial positions, as well as positions for staff and contributing writers. Anyone may submit content to Albany Road, which has a student editorial board that reviews student work and determines what content should be included in each issue.

  • Are students required to take a history class each year?

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    Students must take two years of history, one of which must be U.S. History—typically taken during the junior year—and the other non-U.S. history. Many students choose to take more history classes than required. For more detailed information, please refer to Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Are students required to take a math class each year?

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    In order to be eligible for a diploma, students must complete at least Algebra II. Most students choose to take a math class every year, and proceed well beyond the minimum requirement. For more detailed information, please refer to Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Can students with exceptional talent in visual art pursue it outside of the classroom?

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    Deerfield offers the option for students to pursue an “art exemption” instead of playing a sport in the afternoon. Students work on arts projects under the guidance of visual arts faculty, and present their work at the end of the term.

  • Can I install my own programs on my Deerfield-provided laptop?

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    You can install programs you have purchased as long as they don’t interfere with the proper functioning of the laptop. Occasionally, software may cause problems that our technicians cannot resolve and we would have to reimage the laptop (restore it to its original configuration) so that it is available for your academic use. In that case, you would have to reinstall any non-Deerfield software. 

  • I can’t find my diploma. Can you issue another? Will there be a fee?

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    In most cases it is possible to get a replacement diploma. Email your request to registrar@deerfield.edu. Please note that the process of creating a replacement diploma can take several months. There is no fee.

  • If I am nearby campus, may I come and get some things out of my dorm room?

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    At this time, we ask that you please refrain from coming to campus. If you need something from your room, including your laptop and charger, please reach out to Assistant Head of School for Student Life Amie Creagh.

  • When will online classes begin?

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    March 30

  • If my child has the international student insurance plan, does it still work if they are not on campus?

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    If your child has the international student insurance plan (also known as United Healthcare Student Resources plan) your child has insurance anywhere in the world except for their home country until July 1, 2020. This coverage is not affected by whether the school is in session or being taught remotely. This insurance plan will cover any health issues related to COVID-19.

    The health center’s Office Manager, Ms. Carol Rogalski (crogalski@deerfield.edu) will email all families and students covered by the international insurance plan a copy of their insurance card by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. If you have not received your insurance card by that time please reach out to Ms. Rogalski directly.

    Please also feel free to reach out to Ms. Rogalski at the health center if you have any questions regarding the international student insurance plan.

  • What’s going to happen with housing for next year?

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    The Student Life Office usually holds its housing “lottery” for returning students in May. Rising tenth-graders, juniors, and seniors come to the Student Life Office and pull their tiles at designated times over the course of one week. Obviously, with students off campus, we won’t be able to do that this year. Instead, students will email their housing preference forms to the Student Life Office, and we’ll use a randomizing software to assign students housing lottery numbers. The process will then unfold in its usual manner.  

    In mid-April, Ms. Creagh will email all returning students with further information. That email will include a link to online housing preference forms; please direct any housing questions to Ms. Creagh.

  • Do students need to provide their own athletic equipment?

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    Certain equipment, including game uniforms and practice clothing, is provided by the Athletic Stockroom. Some non-clothing items are also available for loan upon request, or available to purchase through the Athletic Store. Because each sport has varying equipment needs, students should be in touch with their coach or the stockroom staff when they arrive on campus. If students need to purchase athletic equipment or clothing not found in the Athletic Store or stockroom, they can usually find it at any one of several local retail stores.

  • How do I get something fixed in my dorm room?

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    If students require assistance due to problems such as broken glass or electrical issues, then they should call the physical plant desk at (413) 774-1572 (extension 1572). The physical plant handles all problems relating to Deerfield’s buildings. If you are locked out of your room, please do not call physical plant, but instead be in touch with security at (413) 772-9880.

  • How do students send letters while at Deerfield?

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    The Deerfield Post Office is located on Old Main Street, only a few minutes walk from campus. Students can purchase stamps, obtain packaging materials, and send mail via USPS at the post office. All pre-stamped mail can also be left in the appropriate bin in the mailroom in the basement of the Main School Building for delivery to the post office.

  • Does the Health Center charge for services?

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    Routine outpatient services provided by the nursing staff and by the school doctor are provided free of charge. Admission to the infirmary may be required for an illness, which is also provided free of charge. Certain circumstances may require outside care from a specialist or the local hospital. As a result, Deerfield Academy requires that every student be covered by a comprehensive U.S.-based health insurance plan for the duration of the school year. Please check your child’s insurance plan to determine that your child will be covered adequately in the state of Massachusetts while attending school. All international students must enroll in the Deerfield Student Health Insurance Plan insured through United Healthcare.

  • Does Deerfield provide college advising services?

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    Deerfield’s College Advising Office, located on the second floor of the Boyden Library, counsels students extensively on the college application process. Juniors are each assigned a college advisor who works with them closely and gets to know them well to provide personalized assistance.  First year students and sophomores are also welcome to drop by the office with any specific questions, though the counseling and application process does not begin in earnest until the junior year.

  • How do I open a checking account at a nearby bank?

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    The Finance Office will help you open a personal checking account at a local bank in Greenfield. After the initial deposit, the student is responsible for the account. 

  • How can students get involved in theater?

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    Students can either audition to be a part of the cast, or sign up to work on the theater tech crew. Both of these options require a full term co-curricular commitment. Theater tech does everything from stage managing, to light design, to building sets. Everyone is welcome to audition for the cast and to help out with theater tech. Students with a talent and interest in theater can obtain permission to bypass Deerfield’s two-term interscholastic sports requirement for freshmen and sophomores if they instead participate in theater for two or more terms.

  • Does Deerfield have an emergency notification system?

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    Deerfield Academy has a comprehensive emergency notification system that notifies the campus community of dangerous weather, hazardous material spills, and other active threats on campus. The notifications only apply to emergency situations or conditions that pose an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of the campus community or could significantly disrupt its activities.

    Emergency notification methods include: emergency text messaging (add your cell phone number to the list with our cell phone emergency notification form), outdoor sirens, emergency emails, and alerts on the Daily Bulletin.

  • What do I do if my laptop is stolen, lost, or damaged?

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    Your laptop is covered by a 3 year AppleCare warranty which only covers manufacturer’s defects. A secondary insurance policy through Student Insurance Partners has been purchased for your laptop which covers accidental damage (e.g., spills, drops), theft, and loss of use due to fire, flood, or other natural disasters. If an insurance claim is filed, you and your parents will be responsible for paying a deductible in the amount of $200. In the rare instance where the insurance does not cover the damage or loss (e.g., wear and tear, purposeful damage), you and your parents will be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the laptop.

    If your laptop is damaged, please bring it to the ITS Help Desk to be repaired. If it is stolen, please file a police report and report the incident to the ITS Help Desk so that we can facilitate the insurance claim.

  • What address for Deerfield works for my GPS?

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    In GPS systems, you can use: 7 Old Main Street, 1 Albany Road, or 1 Academy Lane.

  • Am I allowed to bring a refrigerator or microwave for my dorm room?

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    No, refrigerators and microwaves are not permitted in dorm rooms. For a full list of items you are not allowed to have in your dorm room, please see our packing list.

  • I would like to attend weekly religious services at a local place of worship. Is transportation provided?

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    Transportation is provided to services at nearby faith communities. Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, can help make arrangements.

  • I’m making plans to visit Deerfield. What local accommodations are available?

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    A list of hotels, motels, B&B’s and restaurants within 30 minutes of Deerfield can be found online. For availability, rates and reservations, please contact the facilities directly.

  • Who is Deerfield Academy’s Head of School?

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    Deerfield’s Head of School is Dr. John P.N. Austin, who was appointed in July 2019.

  • Where is the Head of School’s Office?

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    Head of School Dr. John Austin’s office is located on the first floor of the Main School Building, in “the bubble” behind the fireplace in the lobby.

  • What happens if I left my Deerfield laptop in my dorm room?

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    Please let Assistant Head of School for Student Life Amie Creagh know, and she will make arrangements to ship your laptop to you.

  • What’s going to happen with the prom, Senior Day, the Cry, and Commencement?

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    We’re acutely aware of the disappointment our seniors will feel at the possibility of postponing these important activities. As Dr. Austin noted in his letter, “When we can gather, we will,” and we will seek to include each of these events in our planning for your return to campus.

  • How will I get my things out of my dorm room? (Can I come back to campus to get my belongings?)

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    Unfortunately, current local, state, and federal restrictions have forced us to shut down most of campus. We will happily ship students’ computers and chargers so they can access online learning, but at present, these restrictions prevent us from permitting students into their dorms and from sending along less essential items; we’ve had many, many requests, and we’d like to be as fair and consistent as possible. 

    The COVID-19 steering committee will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC and local, state, and federal agencies to determine the most appropriate way to reunite students with their belongings. This will take some time, and we appreciate your patience.  

    If restrictions loosen in the near future, we may be able to allow seniors and families who live within driving distance to return to campus on a staggered schedule to retrieve their things. If current restrictions remain in place through the end of the academic year, we may need to pack and ship seniors’ belongings to their home addresses. With this possibility in mind, the Student Life Office is working closely with members of the Physical Plant staff and local moving companies.

  • Does Deerfield offer on-site testing such as SATs and AP Exams?

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    On-site testing is available for most SAT, AP, and ACT tests. Students must register for SATs through the College Board website;  ACT through ACT website; and AP exams via the Testing Coordinator. Tests not offered on-site, may be taken at a testing center in their area. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

  • Does Deerfield comply with NCAA student-athlete requirements?

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    Deerfield is highly conscious of the needs of its student-athletes, and offers a wide range of NCAA eligible classes. The College Advising Office and Deerfield coaches are accustomed to assisting students seeking to play sports in college, and they are experienced in guiding students through the recruiting process. They will work with students to be sure they meet the NCAA requirements, and are in the best position possible to be recruited.  Mrs. Thiel in the Academic Dean’s office is our liaison to the NCAA compliance center and she can be a good source of guidance and information.

  • Who can use the athletic facilities?

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    The athletic facilities, including the gym, pool, tennis courts, and squash courts, are open to all students, faculty, and staff during their hours of operation. At the beginning of the year all students participate in an orientation that walks them through proper use of the fitness center, and all new students take a required swim test before they can use the pool. Hours for athletic facilities are posted online.

  • What role does the community service board play at Deerfield?

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    Deerfield’s varied and expansive community service programs require a great deal of planning and organization. Most programs are planned through the CSGC Student Board. The board handles all event planning and fundraising and serves as a liaison between the school and other Franklin County and regional service organizations.

  • How does a student see the school psychiatrist?

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    The school psychiatrist comes to campus once or twice per month to see students in psychiatric consultation. Common reasons for students to see the psychiatrist include depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and ADD/ADHD. Appointments with the psychiatrist are typically scheduled by a member of the counseling staff or by the school doctor. Follow-up appointments are scheduled directly with the psychiatrist. Permission must be obtained from parents before seeing the psychiatrist. Parents will be billed by the psychiatrist. That portion of the fee covered by health insurance should be reimbursed to the parents by their health insurance company.  If you have additional questions, call the Health Center at 413-774-1600

  • When will the College Advising Office start contacting me about college applications?

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    The College Advising Office sends a message to all sophomores each winter to invite them to schedule a meeting with a college advisor. In the summer before students’ junior year, the College Advising Office will send additional information about what students should be doing to prepare themselves for applying. In the late fall of their junior year, students begin the process in earnest, starting by filling out an information sheet that will help them, in conjunction with their college advisor, begin compiling a list of schools.

  • How often do students need to meet with their college advisor?

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    There is no specific requirement for frequency of meetings, but most seniors meet with their advisor every two or three weeks to discuss their progress. Advisors may request more frequent meetings if a student is falling behind in the process, or around crucial times of the year (such as application deadlines).  Juniors will begin meeting with their advisor in late fall of junior year; they are encouraged to check in with their advisor about once a month.  Students can schedule meetings by visiting the College Advising Office on the second floor of the Boyden Library, emailing their college advisor, or using Outlook to request a meeting time online.

  • How can students get involved in dance?

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    Students can either take a dance class, or participate in co-curricular dance during the afternoon. Dancers may be allowed to bypass the two-term interscholastic sports recommendation for freshmen and sophomores if they are involved in the dance program. For a full listing of dance classes, refer to the course catalog.

  • Are students required to take visual art during their Deerfield careers?

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    Students are required to take at least two terms of visual and performing arts during their time at Deerfield. Visual art classes can fulfill this requirement. For more detailed information, see Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Are students required to take a philosophy and religion class each year?

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    Deerfield requires one term of philosophy and religion during students’ time at Deerfield. Students are encouraged to take more if they can fit more courses into their schedule. For more detailed information, see Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • I’m locked out of my room. What do I do?

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    Call security at (413) 774-1558 (extension 1558) or 772-9880.

  • What services does the Health Center offer?

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    A full-time physician, nurse practitioner, and registered nurses provide 24/7 medical care to the campus community at the Health Center. Nursing staff are available 24 hours per day, and doctor’s appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:30 pm. Counselors and a psychiatrist provide individual counseling on issues relating to social adjustment, emotional growth, and boarding school life.

  • Does the Finance Office cash checks?

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    The Finance Office will cash personal checks up to $250, except those drawn on overseas banks. If you wish to cash overseas checks, you should set up a local bank account.

  • I’ve lost my ID card. How do I get a replacement?

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    If you lose your ID card during the course of the year, report the loss through the OneCard Portal on DA Info, and get a replacement immediately. Replacement ID cards cost $10, and the Finance Office will provide them.

  • I’m planning a surprise party for my husband’s 50th birthday. Can I get a list of his classmates/friends addresses so that I can send them invitations?

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    Please contact the Alumni Office with all requests.

  • How do I access my student’s online bill?

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    Accessing your online billing statement in DA Info

    1. Log in to your parent DA Info profile (Billing statements are not accessible if logged in under student profiles)
    2. Click on your student’s picture or your student’s name under the My Actions dropdown menu to arrive at the student information home screen
    3. Click on the tab titled ‘billing’ to see the most recent billing statement

    Helpful information

    Not sure of your log in information? Please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@deerfield.edu or (413)774-1444.

    To see previous statements and transactions use the dropdown menu at the top of the bill.

    This statement is not updated in real time, but a snapshot of your account as of the date noted. Payments or charges posted after that date will show with the next billing cycle update, generally by the second week of each month. When an updated bill is posted you will be notified by email.

    You can access our online payment portal directly from this billing statement screen by clicking Pay Bill at the bottom. This will take you to the Diamond Mind payment portal where you may pay using a debit/credit card or electronic check/ACH. (Credit card fees may apply.)

  • Why are we moving to High Pass/Pass/Fail grades and not keeping numeric grades intact?

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    The Academic Working Group considered a variety of factors when opting to remove numeric grades for Spring Term 2020, including:

    • The one-week extension of Spring Break and two weeks of remote instruction representing 30% of the Spring Term.
    • Ongoing uncertainty regarding the return to in-person classes.
    • Likelihood that some students may need to utilize remote instruction for the entire term regardless of a return to campus.
    • Short timeframe for teachers to alter their courses for remote instruction.
    • Eliminating the pressure on students to attain specific numeric grades while adapting to the online medium.
    • Assurances from colleges that the lack of numeric grades for Spring Term 2020 would not hinder our students’ candidacies.


  • Who can participate in recreational sports?

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    Recreational sports are typically open to juniors and seniors as a co-curricular option, but some may allow underclassmen to participate with the coach’s permission.

  • Who coaches Deerfield teams?

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    Deerfield teams are typically coached by classroom teachers and other members of the staff, although occasionally Deerfield will hire additional coaches to provide outside expertise. Having coaches who are also students’ teachers, hall residents, and advisors promotes deeper connections between students and faculty.

  • Do students have to pay to use the shipping and receiving facilities?

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    Students do not need to pay for incoming shipments. Outgoing packages are subject to standard shipping fees. Accepted payment methods are cash, check, or charge to student account.

  • How can I contact the Security office?

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    You can reach the Security Office at 413-774-1558, or the Security cell phone at 413-772-9880. The cell phone is answered 24/7/365, and there is always a security officer on duty.

  • What are the responsibilities of e-proctors?

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    E-proctors are required to attend biweekly meetings, be involved in one “project” per term, post sustainability announcements and educational materials in dorms, and be a role model for their peers. They will play an important part in helping Deerfield to be environmentally sustainable. A complete list of e-proctors’ duties is available online.

  • Does the Health Center do lab tests and X-rays?

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    We do strep tests and urinalyses at the Health Center at no charge. Blood tests are drawn at the Health Center and sent to the local hospital, the Baystate Franklin Medical Center, in Greenfield. We do not have X-ray facilities at the Health Center. Students are transported to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. The Baystate Franklin Medical Center will bill your insurance company directly for lab tests and X-rays done at their facility.

  • How do students see medical specialists?

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    The school physician frequently refers students to specialists in the local area, usually in Greenfield. Most commonly these referrals are for specialists in orthopedic surgery, general surgery, and oral surgery. However, a wide variety of medical and surgical specialists are available in the local area and those referrals are made as the need arises. Transportation is provided to and from doctor’s offices in Greenfield by the school for a small fee. The local hospital is the Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield. The closest tertiary care center is the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA, a major teaching hospital associated with Tufts University Medical School.

  • What kinds of theater classes are available for students?

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    Deerfield offers a progressive series of acting and acting tutorial classes. Also available to accomplished acting students are classes on directing for the theater. See full course descriptions in the course catalog.

  • What are English electives?

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    Many senior English classes terminate after two terms, leaving an open space in students’ schedules. In January, the English and history departments release a list of one-term spring electives available to juniors and seniors. These classes are on a more unusual topic than other classes, and are often composed of fewer students, facilitating greater depth of discussion.

  • What opportunities are available for engaging religious issues outside the classroom?

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    Numerous faith gathering, discussions and meditation groups are hosted throughout the year by the Office of Spiritual Life, the Center for Service and Global Citizenship, and by the Student Spiritual Life Council at Deerfield Academy.  Please contact Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, at 413.774.1486 or jflaska@deerfield.edu, for more information.

  • I’m not receiving text messages from Deerfield’s emergency notification system. How do I start to receive notifications?

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    Fill out our cell phone emergency notification form to add your cell phone number to the notification list.

  • What is Deerfield’s ISEE school code?

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    Deerfield’s ISEE school code is 220685.

  • How do I get help from Information Technology Services?

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    The ITS Help Desk is located in the Koch Center for Science, Math, and Technology. Our hours of operation are posted online.  Stop by or call us at 413-774-1444 (x1444 on campus) or send us an email.

  • My laptop isn’t working properly. What should I do?

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    The staff at the ITS Help Desk is available for any technology-related question or problem with your Deerfield Academy-provided laptop. If your laptop is having any problems it should be brought to the Help Desk as soon as possible. 

  • How do I request a course change?

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    If at any time after submitting your course requests you wish to make a change, we ask that you first consult with your advisor. You should then fill out the online course change request form with your request for courses to add and courses to drop. Course change requests are not automatically granted, but are reviewed with respect to your long-range academic program, as discussed with an advisor, and the limitations of the established class schedule. Ordinarily, any changes must take place within the first two weeks of a term, and all changes must be approved by the Academic Dean’s office.

  • When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

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    Students who want to play a sport in college at the Division I, IA, or II level, must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of their junior year. For more important information about NCAA academic requirements, please visit Athletic Recruiting.

  • Where do I sit in the Dining Hall?

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    At walkthrough meals, students can sit wherever they would like in the Dining Hall.

    At sit-down meals, students are assigned to a different table every three weeks, which allows them to get to know many different students and faculty members. Table rotations at posted on the Daily Bulletin.

  • Where is the Human Resources Office located?

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    Human Resources is located in the basement of the Main School Building.

  • I’m planning my wedding (or other special event) and would like it to take place on the Deerfield campus. Whom should I contact?

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    If scheduling permits, Deerfield alums can schedule special events utilizing a number of campus venues. Contact Mike McCarthy, Director of Food Services at Deerfield Academy, for more information.

  • My class tie has been ruined. Do you have any left?

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    Since class ties were first instituted in 1983, we’ve had a small number of extra ties each year. There are a very limited number remaining and there may not be ties available for all classes. Please contact Annual Giving or 413-774-1460 to find out what’s available. Or check out other ties available through the school store online.

  • How do I request a copy of my official Deerfield transcript?

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    Alumni can request their transcripts through the Alumni section of the website or by clicking here.

    Students can request their transcript via the Forms link on the Daily Bulletin or by clicking here.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my course requests?

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    For current students, talk to your faculty advisor.  For new students, 9th and 10th graders should contact Ms. Hemphill, 11th graders should contact Dr. Hills, and 12th graders/PGs should contact the college advising office.

  • Is there a rehab process for injured athletes?

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    Yes, the athletic trainers are very good about coming up with a rehabilitation routine that compliments what the doctor has to say. Students are about the complete their rehab with the athletic trainers for as long as that process takes.  

  • Is there a way to read Deerfield Magazine online?

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    Past and current issues of Deerfield Magazine are available online for reading.

  • Does Deerfield have a school song?

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    Once a week School Meeting begins with the singing of one of Deerfield’s school songs, and at every Sunday sit down dinner the whole school comes together and sings the Evensong. During the spring term, as seniors prepare to graduate, they are called upon many times to join in the Evensong. Even at the Academy’s annual Investiture event, alumni, parents, and students gather at sunset to sing the Evensong together. All these songs hold very special meaning for students, alumni, and faculty alike:

    The Deerfield Evensong
    Words by Richard Warren Hatch
    Music by Ralph Herrick Oatley
    Far beyond each western mountain
    Gleam the fires of dying day;
    Softly from each hidden fountain
    Flows the river on its way.
    All the valley lies in splendor
    Hushed before the coming night;
    From a hundred ancient windows
    Flashes back the sunset’s light.Now the meadow-wind’s soft whisper
    Stirs the old elm’s silhouette,
    Bends each leafy tower above us,
    Caught in evening’s dusky net.
    Now the day is done with striving;
    Let the heart hold memory bright;
    Soon these halls and fields we’re leaving—
    Raise we song before the night.Let the circling night be softened
    By the ember’s last faint glow;
    In the firelight we will gather
    Bound by song before we go.
    Deerfield Days are days of glory,
    Memory lives in every one;
    Let no other name be spoken
    Till the even-hour is done.
    The Deerfield Song
    Words by Ralph Herrick Oatley
    Her sons and daughters rally
    In thoughts of Deerfield days,
    When in Pocumtuck Valley,
    We sing their songs of praise,
    Deerfield, Deerfield, Deerfield, Hail!New laurels we’ll bring to thee,
    Won on life’s field;
    Honor and victory, to thee we will ever yield.
    Let’s pledge loyal hearts again;
    Come now with all your might,
    And sing to the glory of the Green and the White.And once again our voices
    We lift to praise her fame.
    Each loyal heart rejoices
    In glory of her name.
    Deerfield, Deerfield, Deerfield, Hail!

    The Deerfield Cheering Song
    Words by Philip E. Charron, Jr.
    Music by J. Clement Schuler

    Deerfield! Go onward marching,
    Loyal though win or lose,
    And though the odds may be great
    We’ll fight for vict’ry
    Vict’ry for you we choose.
    Fight down the fields of green, now!
    (Our foes) shall vanquished be.
    For we will back you to stand
    With the best in the land
    Old Deerfield! We’re cheering for thee.

  • What is the plan for AP exams this spring?

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    All Deerfield courses, including AP-linked courses, are expected to reduce coverage in their classes during the spring term by virtue of the online format. The College Board recently announced plans to restructure AP exams that students will be able to take at home, and for which students can focus on the first 75% of their respective courses. Teachers can guide interested students to online preparative materials; however, this work will be considered extra-curricular. Additionally, the College Board has shared the following:

    Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, students and teachers can attend free, live AP review courses, offered by AP teachers from across the country. These mobile-friendly classes are:

    • Designed to be used alongside work that may be given by schools.
    • Will be recorded and available on-demand so teachers and students can access them any time.
    • Not dependent on current AP teachers continuing instruction. We know many AP teachers now face challenges that would make that impossible.

    For more, see: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update


  • What are Deerfield’s playing fields like?

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    Deerfield is fortunate to have some of the most well-maintained athletic facilities in the state. Lacrosse and field hockey teams compete on either of Deerfield’s two turf fields, and soccer and football play on the pristine playing fields on the lower level. Please see the Athletics Facilities Page for more information.

  • How do students receive regular mail?

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    All students are assigned personal student mailboxes in the Shipping & Receiving Offices located in the basement of the D.S. Chen Health and Wellness Center. Regular mail is distributed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students should be sure to memorize their combinations (available on DAinfo), and check their mailboxes often.

  • How can I become an e-proctor?

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    Upperclassmen can apply to become e-proctors each fall.

  • Does the Health Center notify teachers of missed classes?

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    It is the responsibility of the student to inform teachers when he or she misses a class for medical reasons. This can be easily done by phone, voicemail, email, or in person. It is particularly important for students to talk to their teachers if they are unable to complete a graded assignment because of illness or injury, whether it is an in-class assignment such as a test or quiz or an out-of-class assignment such as a paper or project. It is the student’s responsibility to clarify with teachers as soon as possible when the assignment will be made up. A student’s advisor and the Student Life Office are notified of Health Center visits that occur during class-time as well as overnight stays in the Health Center. When a student misses a class because of being in the Health Center, the Student Life Office will excuse the absence and Accountability Points (AP’s) will not be given. Although teachers are not automatically notified when students miss their class for medical reasons, teachers can and often do check with the Dean or the Health Center to verify whether a student has been in the Health Center during their class.

  • What are Deerfield’s theater facilities like?

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    Deerfield plays are usually staged in the Reed Black Box Theater, which can be transformed into almost any kind of set. Occasionally, larger productions are held on the main stage in the Large Auditorium. The entire arts facility is currently undergoing renovations, which will be completed for the 2014-2015 school year.

  • How do I register for standardized tests?

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    • SAT: College Board website with school code 220685
    • ACT: ACT website with center code 234820
    • AP: via Mrs. Thiel, the testing coordinator
    • PSAT: all sophomores and juniors are automatically registered
  • How can I get involved in Student Council?

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    All Student Council positions are elected yearly, and all students are eligible to run. Each class has multiple representatives, and students are also elected to be Student Council president, chair, post-graduate representative, and two day student representatives. A full list of current members is available on the Student Council website.

  • How do I request cookies and cakes for Deerfield students?

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    Cookies and cakes may be purchased for Academy students, if orders are placed at least 7 days in advance. Students will be notified when their cakes/cookies are ready and available for pick-up during dinner. The Dining Hall reserves the right to refuse orders during busy periods (including, but not exclusively, Parents Weekend, Prom, and Commencement).

  • When is school meeting?

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    School meeting takes place every Wednesday morning. It is a time for the entire Deerfield community to gather to share news, celebrate achievements, and hear distinguished speakers.

  • I just published a book. How can I submit it for consideration to be reviewed in the next issue of Deerfield Magazine?

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    Submissions for the magazine can be sent directly to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at jday@deerfield.edu

  • I would like to make a gift of stock to Deerfield. Where can I find instructions for completing the transaction?

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    Instructions on transferring securities to Deerfield Academy can be found online.

  • Can I make a gift to Deerfield online? Is it secure?

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    Gifts can be made securely online using your MC, Visa, or AMEX. Our online giving form incorporates industry standard, state of the art SSL technology allowing you to make your gift with confidence. Our giving page can also accommodate recurring credit card gifts for up to five years, and allows you to choose the frequency (annually, quarterly, weekly, etc.).

  • Do you have information on Commencement and/or a schedule of activities?

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    Deerfield’s Commencement takes place during Memorial Weekend each May. Commencement information will be shared with seniors and parents in March. For more information regarding Commencement, please contact Jenny Hammond, Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

  • I used to receive the Scroll and I seem to have stopped getting it. Can I get on the mailing list again?

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    The Scroll is available online at Deerfield.edu/scroll. If you would like to receive monthly email updates of student-generated news, please register using the box labeled EMAIL LIST on the Scroll home page.

  • I would like to get in touch with one of your alums. I was a student at Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School in Greenfield while he was at Deerfield in the early ’60s. Can you help me reconnect with him?

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    We are unable to give out alumni contact information to non-members of the Deerfield community without permission. We can however, forward your message, and ask that he be in touch with you directly. Send your message to alumni@deerfield.edu and we’ll do our best to get it to him. If we do not have current contact information, we will let you know.

  • I’ve lost my yearbook. Can I get a replacement?

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    Older yearbooks are still available on a limited basis. Please contact the yearbook staff with your specific requests. Yearbooks are always on display in the Boyden Library or in the Caswell Library in the Main School Building.

  • I haven’t received my yearbook. When will it arrive?

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    Current yearbooks are mailed to seniors in the fall by the publisher to their address on record with the Alumni Office. The goal is to have yearbooks available by late September. If you have not received yours by December 1, please email the yearbook staff. Keep in mind that mailing to an international address will take longer.

  • How can I find more information about Deerfield alumni?

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    Questions regarding Deerfield graduates or former students should be directed to alumnirecords@deerfield.edu or 413-774-1474.

  • What benefits does Deerfield offer to its employees?

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    Deerfield Academy offers a variety of benefits to its employees, including retirement, health and dental insurance, life and total disability, flexible compensation plan, paid time off, tuition remission, tuition reimbursement, and others. An overview of employee benefits is available in our employment section.

  • I have made my course selections in DAinfo, but need to send the Registrar a message to help clarify my decisions. Does this page have a place to do that?

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    Look for the “Add/Edit Course Registration Comment” link at the top of the page.  That will open a dialog within the page which allows you to enter comments.

  • I want to double up in science this year. How do I make a second science selection when requesting courses in DAinfo?

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    At the bottom of the Course Requests page there is an “Add a course” icon on the left. Click that button and a new row will appear. Any course added under “Add a course” will be added to your requests. Please use “Add a course” again to enter your alternate.

  • Is there a best browser to use for course signups?

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    No, but the course signup page in DAinfo does not work at all in Internet Explorer 7.

  • How do I know whether to go to the Health Center or the trainers?

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    As default always go the the Health Center, they can set you up with what you need and send you to the trainers if it calls for that. The athletic trainers are extremely qualified to help with sports injuries, rehabilitation, and wrapping up athletes. 

  • Do you offer tuition payment plans?

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    We offer a 9-month tuition payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management. This plan begins in June and runs through February. FACTS offers the flexibility of choosing your payment due date and setting up automatic payments from the checking or credit card account of your choice. Enrollment in FACTS includes a per family enrollment fee of $45.00. To sign up, click here.

  • Would a Deerfield student risk losing their visa or any other international student documentation if they were to travel to their home countries and possibly remain there for the balance of the spring term and learn remotely? 

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    No. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program has approved online learning as an alternative to being on a school’s campus at this time.

  • What if I don’t have internet access at home?

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    If you don’t have internet service at home that is sufficient to support access to lessons in Canvas or ZOOM-hosted conferences, please reach out to Ms. Butz, who will work with you to investigate options.

  • How should I return my room key?

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    The Student Life Office asks that all students return their keys to the Physical Plant Office at the following address: 

    Deerfield Academy

    Attn: Amanda Dawicki

    Physical Plant Office

    7 Boyden Lane

    Deerfield MA 01342

    Student keys must be mailed in a padded or Tyvek-like envelope (most Post Offices have them in stock) to lessen the risk of the key ripping out of an ordinary envelope. Any students who left their keys in their rooms should notify the Student Life Office.

  • How will I choose my advisor for next year?

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    Deerfield’s advisor feedback and request process has always taken place virtually, so we’ll undertake the process in the same manner this year. Advisor-related questions can be directed to Ms. Creagh.

  • How will I get my things from my dorm room? (Can I come back to campus to get my belongings? Where can I store them?)

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    Unfortunately, current local, state, and federal restrictions have forced us to shut down most of campus. We will happily ship students’ computers and chargers so they can access online learning, but at present, these restrictions prevent us from permitting students into their dorms and from sending along less essential items.  We’ve had many, many requests, and we’d like to be as fair and consistent as possible.

    The COVID-19 steering committee will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC and local, state, and federal agencies to determine the most appropriate way to reunite students with their belongings. This may take some time, and we appreciate your patience.

    If restrictions loosen in the near future, we may be able to allow returning students and families who live within driving distance to return to campus on a staggered schedule to retrieve these items.  If current restrictions remain in place, we may need to pack and then store or ship students’ belongings to their home addresses. With this possibility in mind, the Student Life Office is working closely with members of the Physical Plant staff and local storage and moving companies.

  • My child’s public school has closed completely for a period of time. What are my options?

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    If your position allows for remote work, please communicate with your supervisor with regard to required resources and expectations. If your duties require you to be on campus, please reach out to your supervisor or to Human Resources to discuss.

  • Will all campus services continue as usual?

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    All Academy departments will work hard to ensure minimal disruption to campus services. However, it is possible that services such as mail/package delivery, Dining Hall hours, and access to facilities, including the health center, will be impacted over the next few weeks. We will alert employees about amended hours of operation and protocols for the Dining Hall, for example, via email and then post that information to the Bulletin and these FAQs for future reference.

  • How do I make a post to the Daily Bulletin?

    Anyone—students, faculty, and staff—can post to the Daily Bulletin by using the “Post to the Daily Bulletin” form located on the Daily Bulletin. Your post will be reviewed by the Communications Office and then posted. For assistance, please contact the Communications Office at x1860.

  • Does the Health Center notify parents when students come to the Health Center?

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    In general, we consider it the responsibility of the student to inform parents concerning illness and injury. Parents are not called for routine use of Health Center services, including care of minor injuries and illnesses. Sometimes routine referrals may be made to local specialists for routine uncomplicated injuries without notifying parents. However, parents are always notified by the school doctor of significant illnesses and injuries, especially when anticipated treatment is prolonged or complex. In the case of emergencies, parents are contacted as soon as it is practical after emergency medical care is begun and/or transport to the emergency room is initiated.

  • Are students required to take an English class each year?

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    Every student must take at least one English class during each of their years at Deerfield. Students interested in playing NCAA Division I or Division II athletics, particularly those who have repeated a grade, should be aware that they must complete four NCAA-approved English classes during their first four years of high school. In some cases it may be necessary for students to double up on English. Even if students take two English classes in one year, they still must take an English class every year. For more detailed information, please refer to Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Are there opportunities for students to apply the language skills they have learned outside the classroom?

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    As an SYA member school, Deerfield is able to offer a wide range of study abroad options. In addition to spending school years living and learning languages in foreign countries, Deerfield students can also participate in faculty-led trips during the spring and summer, which allow students to use their language skills in practical settings, under the guidance of Deerfield language faculty.

  • I can’t open my student mailbox! What do I do?

    First, make sure you have the right combination by checking DAinfo. Then contact Ms. Cusson in the Communications Office for help opening your mailbox.

  • How do I submit a Physical Plant work order?

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    The faculty and staff of the Deerfield community can place a work order by using the SchoolDude online request form. After you submit your work order, you will receive an acknowledgment email, and you will be notified about progress on your work order up to its completion.

  • Does Hitchcock House sell gift certificates?

    We don’t sell ‘gift certificates’ per se, but we do offer you the ability to ‘gift’ funds that can be used in all of Deerfield’s retail campus stores and cafés (Hitchcock House, Athletic Store, Greer Store, Koch Café). At Hitchcock House you can make your ‘gift’ purchase by adding funds to the recipient’s One-Card account. Gifts can be made in any denomination and the funds will be immediately added to the recipient’s One-Card account. We’ll provide you with a nice card/envelope that can be used to let your recipient know about the gift.

    Virtual Gift Certificates can also be purchased through the Online Store in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. These will be sent by email with a validation code for redemption online only. They can not be used in the retail stores.

  • How do students request courses?

    New students submit their course requests using the online Course Request tool on DAinfo. Returning students submit their requests online in conjunction with their advisor. Please refer to the course request guidelines for year-by-year information that will assist you with making your choices. In early summer, department chairs will review and consider your requests and, in mid-August, we will send you your final schedule.

  • Are fee waivers available for standardized tests?

    Juniors and seniors who qualify for fee waivers for standardized tests, such as the SAT and AP, should contact Mrs. Thiel for a special code to register online.

  • Where can I find more information about Deerfield’s legendary Headmaster Frank L. Boyden?

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    Frank Boyden was Deerfield’s longest serving headmaster from 1902-1968. His time at Deerfield is captured in John McPhee’s 1966 book, The Headmaster. For additional information, please visit the Deerfield Archives.

  • I’m reading the book Death Be Not Proud about Johnny Gunther, a former Deerfield student, for a school project. Do you have any pictures or information about him?

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    The Deerfield Archives may be of assistance.

  • I lost my class ring. Is it possible to get another?

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    Deerfield class rings are ordered through Jostens. You can contact them directly to arrange for a new ring.

  • I’m thinking about grad school at the University of North Carolina. Can I find other Deerfield alums who attended UNC?

    Download our mobile application which includes a directory. If you need help finding alumni in your area, please contact the Alumni Office or 413-774-1474.

  • I didn’t receive a copy of Deerfield Magazine. Can you send me another?

    Requests for copies of recent Deerfield publications can be sent to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at jday@deerfield.edu. Copies of older issues may be available. Please contact the Deerfield Archives with your specific request.

  • I’m moving to San Francisco. Can I get a list of alums in the area?

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    Download our mobile application which includes a directory. If you need help finding alumni in your area, please contact the Alumni Office or 413-774-1474.

  • How do I decide which classes to request?

    A good place to start is our Course Requests section on the website. You can also consult your adviser.

  • When I’m requesting courses, what kind of comments should I make in the comments box?

    Anything that you need the Registrar to know about your requests.  As an example: You have spoken to a department chair or an advisor about your course requests and something in that conversation potentially affects your schedule.

  • How do I use the priority feature when requesting courses in DAinfo?

    Let’s say you are a senior and have prioritized your 6 English requests with “Creative Nonfiction” as your first priority request. You decide instead to request “Jazz Age” as your first priority instead. You can either change the priority of “Jazz Age” to priority 1 then watch the other English requests get bumped down in priority order. You can also use the “Top” icon to move “Jazz Age” to your first choice.

  • Is there a way for me to obtain copies of old archival photos?

    Email  the Academy Archives if you are looking for a specific archival photo, that they may be able to find for you. 

  • Are there older copies of the Scroll that I can look at?

    The Boyden Library has older copies of the Scroll available for viewing. You can also get in contact with the Academy Archives for more information. 

  • How do I know how many exemptions to claim on my W4?

    The IRS provides an online withholding calculator that can help you determine how many exemptions you should be claiming on your W4.  Have your most recent pay stubs handy and visit this link:




  • What do I do if I sustain an injury in my remote home office location while performing my regular work?

    Employees are expected to maintain their home workspace in a safe manner, free from safety hazards.  If you do sustain an injury while working from home, please notify your supervisor or Human Resources as soon as possible.

  • Is the College Advising office still open and available to me remotely?

    The college advising staff is still available to continue to give all of the college advice we would have done in person!  Like classes at Deerfield, the college advising office will be moving to work with you virtually for the near future.  We are happy to set up phone calls, skype meetings, or use other online platforms to keep our advising of your college process up to date – both juniors and seniors.  We’ll send out instructions on how to set up meetings after spring break.  For example, for the canceled spring family weekend, we’ll send out an email to junior parents inviting them to set up Skype meetings with us but will now have the flexibility to spread that out over more than just two days.

  • How can I help combat anxiety regarding COVID-19?

    We understand that members of the Deerfield Academy community may be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety during this time. Human Resources encourages employees who feel anxious or worried about friends and family because of the COVID-19 outbreak to contact the Deerfield Academy Employee Assistance Plan, or EAP which is available to help. The EAP may be reached 24/7 at 800-316-2796. If you have difficulty contacting the EAP, please reach out to HR.

  • What about Teledoc? Are there co-pays to use this service?

    Health New England is working on waiving co-pays for members with access to Teladoc®, our telehealth platform, and telehealth services with local providers as they become available. The HNE 24/7 Nurse Advice Line at 866-389-7613 remains available, free of charge, to all members.

    To set up a Teledoc account go to member.teladoc.com/hne.

  • Can someone elect not to work remotely, but instead choose to continue to work in their office on campus?

    Many administrative staff have been transitioned to remote work as positions allow.

    Department Heads will determine if there is a critical function that requires an on campus presence.

    Our goal is to minimize the amount of people on campus—following the advice we have received from government officials regarding social distancing and the goal of “flattening the curve” as well as to minimize the amount of cleaning and disinfecting our Facilities team is currently performing.


  • What if a home situation is not conducive to working remotely, for example, doesn’t have a good internet connection?

    Employees who have been asked to work remotely who do not have sufficient connectivity in their home should contact Kim Butz in ITS as she and her team are working diligently to understand and to the extent possible, mitigate these issues.

  • Is the Academy making exceptions for older employees, employees with health conditions, or who live with relatives with health conditions?

    Many administrative employees have been transitioned to remote work. If an employee who is required to be on campus has personal or familial health concerns, they should reach out to their physician for guidance and also to HR to discuss.

  • May I use my personal (home) computer for Academy work?

    If you use Google applications, Outlook, or other standard software, yes. However, many departments use specialized software that requires an additional level of security. This software cannot be used on your personal computer. Reach out to your supervisor to discuss obtaining an Academy computer to access secure systems.

  • What do I do if I am returning from a location for which the CDC advises self-isolation or if I have an employee who I supervise in this situation?

    Employees and supervisors should follow CDC guidance for self-isolation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding recent travel and/or self-isolation/quarantine please contact Dr. Bryant “Bear” Benson (bbenson@deerfield.edu; 413-774-1600)

  • What happens if someone who works at Deerfield is diagnosed with COVID-19?

    If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus, in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the local Board of Health, Deerfield Academy will immediately determine how best to address any increased risk to public health.

  • What do I do if I or a member of my household get sick?

    Employees should notify their supervisor and stay home if they are sick. The CDC also offers guidelines about what to do if you become sick.

    If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 or develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, CALL your healthcare provider immediately for medical advice. If it is an emergency call 911. Please try to avoid walking into your physician’s office or an ER waiting room to prevent exposure of others. If your physician suspects you or a member of your household has COVID-19 and/or places you or a member of your household under quarantine/self-isolation, please contact Dr. Bryant “Bear” Benson (413-774-1600; bbenson@deerfield.edu) immediately.

  • I am concerned about a student’s physical and/or mental health. Can I still direct them to the health center?

    The health center is transitioning the medical and psychological care of all students to their local providers at home. If you have concerns about a student, we encourage you to reach out to their parents/guardian if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, email Dr. Benson (bbenson@deerfield.edu) for medical concerns or Dr. Relin (jrelin@deerfield.edu) for mental health concerns and they will help you navigate how best to address this issue.

  • Is the health center open?

    The D.S. Chen Health and Wellness Center is effectively closed. Our Office Manager Carol Rogalski will be answering the phone and administrative questions during usual business hours (M-F; 8 am-4:30 pm). We are asking all students to transition their care to local providers at home and will not see employees for acute care issues. Dr. Benson, Dr. Relin and other clinical providers at the Chen Center are happy to speak with families and home provider as needed to provide an effective transition of care.

    If you are ill or have an acute medical issue, please call your primary care provider’s office for advice. If there is an emergency, please call 911 (and if you are an employee who lives on campus, call Security 413-772-9880).

  • When will my self-isolation and/or quarantine period end?

    This will be determined by either your physician, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and/or the local Board of Health per CDC criteria. Quarantine for asymptomatic people exposed to COVID-19 typically is 14 days but may be extended if members of the household become ill. Self-isolation due to having COVID-19 disease is based on duration and resolution of symptoms. As is expected  when you or your household is placed under quarantine or self-isolation, please also inform Dr. Bryant “Bear” Benson (bbenson@deerfield.edu ) when it is lifted.

    Thank you for your close attention to these guidelines. We understand that suffering from COVID-19 and being assigned to self-isolation or quarantine may be stressful and exhausting. While you are required to be isolated, please know you are not alone. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and family through online devices and platforms to keep in touch.  Let us know how you are doing and what you need. We will support each other through this.

  • What if there is a maintenance need in the residence?

    Please inform Physical Plant as you normally would by filling out a work order. Jeff Galli and Bear Benson will triage the concern based on risk of exposure and critical need. Please understand some non-critical maintenance issues may have to wait until the end of the quarantine or self-isolation period or be addressed by some temporary measure.

  • What about laundry?

    • Per the CDC:
      • Wash laundry thoroughly;
      • Immediately remove and wash clothing or bedding that has blood, stool, or bodily fluids on it;
      • Wear disposable gloves while handling soiled items and keep soiled items away from your body;
      • Clean your hands (with soap and water for at least 20 sec or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer) immediately after removing your gloves;
      • Read and follow directions on labels for laundering items of clothing and detergent. In general, using a normal laundry detergent according to washing machine instructions and dry thoroughly using the warmest temperatures recommended on the clothing label.

    If you do not have a washer or dryer in your residence, Physical Plant will designate a washer or dryer in your building for you and your family to use. Please consistently use the most direct path to this designated area. Ideally, only asymptomatic family members should use the washer and dryer if it is outside your residence.

  • What if you have a storage room somewhere in the dorm? Can you access it?

    Yes, but please limit its use, especially if it is not immediately adjacent to your residence. If possible, only have an asymptomatic individual access the unit when necessary. Also, please clean the door handle, light switch, and other high-contact surfaces after use.

  • What about trash disposal?

    Preferably an asymptomatic adult member of your household should bag up trash and dispose of it in an area or dumpster designated by Physical Plant. Wash hands thoroughly before and after disposing of these items and, if available, wear gloves. Do not leave trash in hallways for others to collect. Do not use communal trash cans on campus.

  • What about food? Medicine?

    Please reach out to your neighbors and friends to help with trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, and other essentials. Any supplies should be dropped off outside the residence and picked up after the supplier leaves or is at least six feet away.

    Family members not under quarantine or self-isolation may leave the residence but only for essential tasks such as picking up groceries and medications and taking you to medical appointments. They do not need to wear a mask when they go out. They should wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 sec (or use hand sanitizer) and practice excellent social distancing, staying at least six feet from others.

    If supplies are adequate, the Dean of Faculty’s Office in coordination with the Dining Hall, will reach out and deliver a “gift basket” of sorts during the first few days of your self-isolation or quarantine containing food you may need. More supplies might be delivered on an as-needed basis, up to two to three times during a typical two-week period. These supplies will be left outside the residence entrance; the employee or another household member may retrieve them after the employee making the delivery has departed.

  • What if you need to self-isolate or quarantine in on-campus housing?

    • Strictly follow your healthcare provider’s and/or local Board of Health’s instructions;
    • Do not have any visitors;
    • Do not leave your home except for medical appointments;
    • Do your best to separate yourself from other members of your household:
      • Use a separate bedroom and bathroom if available;
      • Have your own separate lined trash can and laundry pile;
      • Eat meals separately from others;
      • Avoid sharing household items with your family. You should not share dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, bedding, or other items. After using these items, they should be washed thoroughly (see below “What about Laundry?” FAQ);
      • When around others, wear a facemask and try to stay at least six feet away. If you are unable to wear a facemask, then other people in your vicinity should wear one. If a facemask is unavailable, wear a scarf or bandana.
    • Clean all “high-touch” surfaces in your residence, such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, light switches, phones, keyboards, tablets, and bedside tables every day with a household cleaner per its labelled instructions. Also, clean any surfaces that may have blood, stool, or body fluids on them;
    • In shared areas of your residence make certain there is good air flow such as open windows or an air conditioner;
    • Within your home, you and your family members should continue to practice excellent hand hygiene and infection control practices including washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, frequent use of hand sanitizer, and coughing/sneezing into your elbow or tissue. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially with unwashed hands.


  • What about your dog (or cat or rabbit or gerbil or chinchilla, etc.)?

    Per the CDC, at this time, there is no evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19 or might be a source of infection in the United States. Basically, wash your hands after petting your pets or handling their food or water and waste.

    Preferably, an asymptomatic member of your household may walk your pet as is needed. Per established school policy, pets must be on a leash at all times outside your home. Your family member and your pet must remain at least six feet away from other people when out. If you do not have someone in your home who can walk your pet, you may do so, but only for short, necessary walks immediately outside your residence; avoid common-use areas as much as possible. Please wear a mask when outside and stay six feet away from others. Please clean up after your pet.

  • What about your family and other household members?

    If you are being self-isolated (which means you have symptoms), fellow household members who are asymptomatic will be asked to quarantine for 14 days. They should monitor themselves for symptoms, check their temperature twice a day, and call their PCP or local Board of Health agent if they feel unwell or feverish. Like you, they should not leave the home except for medical appointments. If household members develop COVID-19 symptoms while quarantined, they will be asked to self-isolate.

    If you are under quarantine (which means you have no symptoms), fellow household members do not necessarily need to be quarantined, unless they share your travel or exposure history. If they do share this history, they will also need to quarantine. If they do not share this history and are asymptomatic, they should adhere to the same expectations as everyone else in the community. They may only leave the residence for essential tasks (e.g. groceries, medications, and medical appointments). They do not need to wear a mask when they go out. They should wash their hands frequently with  soap and water for at least 20 sec (or use hand sanitizer) and practice excellent social distancing, staying at least six feet from others.

    Regardless of self-isolation or quarantine status, if your residence is attached to a dormitory, you and your family must not enter any area of the dorm that has not been designated as your entrance/exit or the path to your washer and dryer.

  • What if your doctor says you need to go to the ER or a medical facility?

    This is the only reason people ordered to self-isolate or quarantine should leave their residence. When you leave your residence, wear a mask. If possible, have an asymptomatic member of your household drive you. If said person is under quarantine or self-isolation, they too should wear a mask. Stay at least six feet away from other people. If going to the ER, please ask your PCP to call ahead to minimize your time in the waiting room. Do NOT use public transport or call an Uber/Lyft/taxi for transportation. If there is no other option or if it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 and Security for an ambulance to transport you.

  • What if you become so ill that you need to be evaluated?

    CALL your primary care provider to discuss. DO NOT walk into your PCP’s office for an appointment or into the ER in order to prevent others from being exposed. Many provider offices are now offering phone consultation and telemedicine to triage and answer medical questions. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 and Deerfield Security.

  • What if you are unsure if you are supposed to quarantine or self-isolate?

    Call your primary care provider or local Board of Health and ask them to clarify. The easy answer is if you are symptomatic, you self-isolate and if you are asymptomatic, you quarantine. If things still seem unclear please contact Dr. Bryant “Bear” Benson (bbenson@deerfield.edu).

  • I’m an international student, and I’m now at home. Do I need any different documents to online learn through the end of the school year?

    You will not need any new or additional documents to continue your studies online.

  • I’m an international senior: What documents do I need in order to return to the US for college in the fall? How will I receive these documents?

    Seniors who will continue on to universities in the US will need a new form I-20 from the university they enroll with. Later in April, Ms. Dolan will reach out to international seniors to confirm their destinations then transfer their student visas on June 1. This is not a change in the normal procedure. 

    Students who cannot leave the US over summer break will be continuously covered by their transferred visas and will not fall out of active status. If your home address is different from your summer address, be sure to provide the correct address to your university so they can mail you a new form I-20 with your continued program dates.

  • I live in a double. If I can’t come back to school to pack, how will Deerfield know what belongs to me and what belongs to my roommate?

    Those tasked with packing students’ belongings may take photos or a video of the room and share it with occupants so they can determine what belongs to whom. Alternatively, that person may Zoom or Facetime with occupants in real time to determine what belongs to whom. Further details on this process will be forthcoming.

  • Will we still have a 2020 yearbook?

    We will! The fall and winter sections have been completed, and our editors are working hard to brainstorm creative ideas to populate our spring term pages. Please stay tuned for communications and calls-to-action for your own remote yearbook contributions in the near future.

    Deerfield yearbooks are typically printed and distributed in November, so the 2020 book will be finished during the next academic year, distributed on campus, and mailed to members of the Class of 2020 in November (of 2020).

    For all other yearbook questions, please reach out to advisors Haley O’Neil and Amy Lareau via email

  • I ordered gear from the school store. How will I get it?

    Mrs. Yager is still working on outstanding team gear orders and will be in touch with distribution plans as soon as she can. Specific questions about these orders and others, including class rings from Jostens, can be directed to her by email

  • I borrowed something from IT. How should I get it back to them?

    If you have borrowed an item or items from IT, please contact the Help Desk to make arrangements for its return. 

  • I have some clothing with E&R laundry service. How will I get it back?

    Further E&R details will be shared as soon as possible. Please continue to check these FAQs for updates.

  • I’m an international student; what documents do I need to return to Deerfield in the fall and how will I receive these documents?

    The only document you will need to return will be your form I-20; please contact Ms. Dolan with any visa-related questions.

  • How will the proctor selection process work?

    Proctor interviews (on Zoom) will begin the week of April 6 and will wrap up no later than April 17. Mr. Bicknell will send along that schedule by April 3. Once the interviews wrap up, the Proctor Selection Committee will meet a few times in mid/late April and decisions will be shared by the end of the month. Additional questions should go to Mr. Bicknell

  • How will DC/AHC and proctor selection work?

    The DC/AHC process will begin on April 15 and will last until April 24. During that time, students may fill out an application. A DC/AHC selection committee will read through all of the applications and make a decision in mid-May. More information for tenth- and eleventh-graders will be available on April 3. Additional questions should go to Ms. Melvoin.

  • When will annual enrollment and financial aid materials for returning students be sent?

    Annual enrollment and information about financial aid will be sent on April 15.

  • When will the course request process for returning students begin?

    The course request process for returning students will proceed as usual with a slightly altered timeline. Starting the week of April 6, advisors will begin meeting with their advisees and students will have access to course request information sessions provided by the Academic Dean’s Office. Students should communicate with their teachers and advisors about sequential courses and ranking choices, and advisors will be asked to fill out course request forms for their advisees starting the week of April 13. Course requests will be due April 29. Members of the Academic Dean’s office will work with advisors and department chairs to correct and vet course requests as necessary by the end of the school year. The scheduling process will take place as usual over the summer, with schedules posted sometime at the end of the summer.

  • Can students change courses for Spring Term 2020?

    Due to the extraordinary circumstances as this online Spring Term begins, the Academic Dean’s Office will not allow course changes for Spring Term.

  • What are the implications of the cancellation of administration of the SAT/ACT this spring?

    The College Board has cancelled the May 2 SAT.  The ACT has cancelled its April test and students will be rescheduled to the June 13 ACT.  Colleges are certainly aware of all of these changes and will be flexible. A few colleges have even changed their testing requirement policy. Standardized testing companies are working hard to determine solutions for the future.

  • How will the college process proceed with the class of 2021?

    College advisors will continue to support students through the college process. At the beginning of Spring Term, college advisors will reach out to members of the class of 2021 with instructions on how to set up virtual meetings so they can continue their one-on-one counseling meetings and answer individual questions.

  • How will colleges interpret our Spring Term grading designations?

    The College Advising Office has already received many reassurances from colleges, stating that they understand the challenges this situation poses for students and families, as well as high schools around world. They stand ready to be flexible and understanding about the ways this extraordinary moment changes normal practices, from grading, to students’ ability to take tests and participate in activities.  Some colleges have already officially changed their standardized testing requirements. They fully understand that the way they will make decisions for the Class of 2021 must be and will be different from previous years.

  • What options do I have if I am concerned about reporting to work due to COVID-19?

    As of March 24, Governor Charlie Baker issued a stay at home order which is currently extended to May 4. Most employees have either transitioned to remote work or have been sent home. However, if you have a medical condition impacting your ability to report to work, contact your supervisor to discuss leave procedures, including to request sick leave or other leave available. If extended leave for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) is needed or if you have additional questions about FMLA or sick leave please contact Human Resources.

  • If I need sick time or extended FMLA under FFCRA due to COVID-19, who do I contact?

    Please contact Human Resources to discuss your needs and for assistance interpreting the provisions of FFCRA.

  • What is FFCRA?

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions are effective from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

  • How will Deerfield Academy notify us if operations are changed?

    The most up-to-date information about how the Academy is preparing and handling programs in response to COVID-19 will be posted on the COVID-19 webpage and initially shared via email. All employees are strongly encouraged to check their Deerfield email on a daily basis.

  • When should I call Security?

    You can contact the Security Office at any time if you feel unsafe or require assistance both on- or off-campus. In the case of fire or medical emergencies, first call 911 and then call Security’s cell phone at 413-772-9880.

  • How do students receive their medication for ADD or depression?

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    Medications used to treat ADD and depression fall into the category of psychotropic medications. Their use in schools such as DA is regulated by the state and must be handled according to the Psychotropic Medication Policy to be in compliance with state regulations. Psychotropic medications must be kept in the Health Center and dispensed to the student by the nursing staff. Although this may sound cumbersome, students quickly find this easy to accomplish. You may ask the Health Center staff for a copy of the Psychotropic Medication Policy or you can find it online here.

  • What are Deerfield’s lab facilities like?

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    The Koch Science Center, dedicated in 2007, has extensive lab space tailored to the needs of individual subjects in each classroom. Deerfield’s laboratory supervisor works with teachers to provide the best lab experience possible.

  • What if I have contraband in my room and someone finds it when packing my things?

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    Any prohibited items that would indicate major school rule violations will be handled in accordance with Deerfield’s Sanctuary Policy.

  • Will there be any numeric equivalents assigned to High Pass/Pass/Fail for the Spring Term at Deerfield?

    There will not be any numeric equivalents assigned to HP/P/F. As is customary, teachers are given discretion in how they determine grades for their classes. The general guidelines for assigning High Pass/Pass/Fail have been suggested by the Academic Dean’s office (teachers will provide more specific instructions for individual classes):

  • How will my Deerfield transcript look reflecting the 2019-2020 school year?

    Fall and Winter grades have been recorded and will appear as usual. Spring Term grades will be recorded as High Pass (HP)/Pass (P)/Fail (F) and will not have numeric equivalents assigned to them, neither internally nor on the transcript itself. For year-long courses, the course-end numeric grade listed will be the average of the Fall and Winter Term. For Spring Term electives, the course-end grade will be the same as the Spring Term grade: HP/P/F, and will not be factored into the student’s grade point average.

  • Does studying abroad require proficiency in a foreign language?

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    Language requirements vary by program. Consult individual program web sites for more information.

  • Where is the Shipping & Receiving Office?

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    Shipping & Receiving is located on the south side of Physical Plant. At the Physical Plant office, continue straight down the hallway and down the stairs to the back of the building. Shipping & Receiving is located on the right.

  • Is it possible to have something from my room or one of the locker rooms shipped to me?

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    Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to ship anything to you other than your laptop and charger, which you will need for online learning. The entire Athletics Complex (including locker rooms) is currently closed, as are classroom buildings and dorms, in an effort to reduce the number of spaces our facilities staff need to clean and sanitize on an ongoing basis. The only exception (other than your laptop and/or charger) are some prescription medications, and Ms. Gardner from the health center has reached out to those students and their families for whom this applies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding prescription medication and have not heard from Ms. Gardner, please email or call the Chen Center at 413-774-1600.