DPN Farmers Market

The Deerfield Parents Network is sponsoring a Farmers Market on Saturday, October 24, 9:30am-12:30pm, on the lawn between the Main School Building and John Williams Dormitory and in front of the Hess Center for the Arts. (If the weather is bad, the market will be moved to the East Gym.) The farmers market features products from local farms and businesses that Deerfield Academy regularly purchases from, including fruit, vegetables, coffee, and soda. Several Deerfield employees will also be selling wares this year.

Local Vendors

Employee Vendors

  • Sue Carlson (Health Center) – Quilts
  • Danae DiNicola (Communications) – Jewelry
  • Holly Gray (Finance) – Baked Goods, Bread
  • Heather Wakeman – Center for Sustainability and Global Citizenship information

Most vendors are cash only! There is an ATM located in the faculty/staff mailroom in the basement of the Main School Building.

Why Support Local Food?

  • Deerfield Academy’s Sustainability Mission Statement commits us to preserve the health of our community through local purchasing, contracting, and partnerships.
  • Long-distance supply chains can be disrupted by economic and political upheaval, rising fuel costs, climate change, and natural disasters. Eating local is an investment in food security, supporting resiliency in our food system by helping local farmers be there when we need them.
  • Eating local keeps our food dollars in the local community, where it can support other local businesses we depend on. Eating local builds community. Know your farmer!
  • Local farmers can tell you how your food was grown. Their choices about pesticides, fertilizers, animal treatment, and erosion control impact the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the soil you walk on. Use your food dollars to support agricultural practices that preserve and protect your natural resources.