About the DPN

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) is an organization aimed at building partnerships among Deerfield parents, and between parents and the Academy. Schools like Deerfield no longer serve “in the place of parents,” but rather “along side of parents.” The goal of the Parents Network is to improve the Deerfield experience for all students and their families through several initiatives.

As a Deerfield parent, you are already part of the DPN. If you would like to help with any of the initiatives described here, or with new projects as they develop, please email the Deerfield Parents Network.

The DPN’s signature program is the First Link, which organizes contacts between current Deerfield parents and the families of newly-enrolled students each spring. Experienced parents offer words of welcome and share their knowledge of the workings of the school. The First Link program also encourages and helps organize gatherings of current and incoming families as one step to ease the transition to campus life.

The DPN provides parent-to-parent content for the school’s bi-weekly Parents FYI e-newsletters throughout the year. These newsletters are a great vehicle for sharing information and inviting informed parent involvement in the life of the Deerfield community. DPN articles have included parent perspectives on the DA experience, tips on dealing with common challenges, and information that helps parents understand the array of supportive services at the Academy. Parent suggestions on topics of interest and parent perspective pieces are welcomed.

The Parents Network also coordinates with student initiatives to serve the needs of the surrounding community and has sponsored campus beautification projects, with the help of parent volunteers, during Parents Weekends.

If you would like to get involved in any of our programs, just ask! We’d welcome your participation.


2019-2020 Deerfield Parents Network Leaders 
Executive Committee

Julie Halloran, Darien, CT (Christina ’20)

Elizabeth Darling, Greenwich, CT (George ’22)

VPs Campus Events:
Dan Anderson, Darien, CT (Arden ’22)
Carol Bonnie, San Francisco, CA (Henry ’20)
Stephani Clough, La Jolla, CA (Maddie ’20 and Morgan ’20)
Tricia Stenger, Lafayette, CA (Kate ’22 and Lauren ’22)

VPs Communications:
Carson Seeligson, Houston, TX (Addie ’20)
Ana Centola, New York, NY (Alexander ’21)

VPs First Link:
Paula Pink, New York, NY (Ollie ’20)
Sharmila Muratoti, Amherst, MA (Seth ’20)
Vanessa Lewis, Bedford, NY (Charlie ’21)

VP Inclusion:
Thai Thayumanavan, Amherst, MA (Seth ’20)
Judith McKie, Brooklyn, NY (Hannah ’22)
Tara Wuchenich, Santa Monica, CA (Max ’21)

VPs Nominating:
Jen Vogt, Corpus Christi, TX (Whitney ’20)
Brook Spatër, Topsfield, MA (Whitney ’21 and Tom ’23)


Steering Committee:

  • Jennifer Roche, South Deerfield, MA (Maggie ’19 and Hannah ’21)
  • Myriam (Pita) De La Vega, El Paso, TX (Camila ’20)
  • Lourdes Fanjul, Palm Beach, FL (Peps ’20)
  • Meg and George Knight ’85, New Haven, CT (Grace ’20)
  • Pamela and Robert Menace, Dayton, OH (Vera Grace ’20)
  • Libellule Sarachek,, New York, NY (Achille ’21)
  • Liz Anderson ’94, Greenwich, CT (Greer ’22 and Stone ’23)
  • Oscar Anderson ’88, New York, NY (Ismay ’22)
  • Terry Darling ’87, Greenwich, CT (George ’22)
  • Carlos Fierro, New York, NY (Matthew ’22)
  • Stefanie Grosse, San Francisco, CA (William ’22 and Alexander ’22)
  • Pat Moriarty, Deerfield, MA (Morgan ’22) – Faculty Rep

Trustee Liaison:     Mark Rockefeller ’85, New York, NY (Teddy ’21 and Felix ’23)