First Link Volunteer Position Description


Volunteers to the First Link program foster connections and build relationships with newly admitted DA families. Involvement in this welcoming initiative helps current parents further integrate into the Deerfield community by outreaching to new families locally, regionally and internationally, forming relationships, sharing knowledge, offering support and enhancing the school experience for all.

As a First Link volunteer you will be given information to guide you, including a brief timeline, sample letters and important links to share with new families.Responsibilities include:

  • Reach out to incoming families in May with sample letters provided
  • Touch base again in mid-June by phone, and throughout the summer as needed
  • If possible, meet up for coffee/lunch or at one of the regional gatherings
  • Send out an email in August with information about move-in, important numbers, resources, etc.
  • Provide support and friendship throughout the year and beyond

If you would like to volunteer as a First Link, and help us build strong partnerships between Deerfield parents and the school, we would appreciate your help.

Please contact us either through this form, or at any of the emails below. Thank you, and welcome to the First Link program!

Paula Pink Co-chair, First Link
Sharmila Muratoti, Co-chair, First Link
Vanessa Lewis, Co-chair, First Link