First Link Volunteer Position Description

The overall purpose of the newly developing Deerfield Parents Network is to focus on building stronger partnerships amongst Deerfield parents—and between parents and the Academy.

With this focus in mind, the Parents Network First Link program is intended to help the parents of newly admitted students negotiate the process of joining the Deerfield community.  Similar to the Green Key program for students, each Spring the First Link program will match experienced Deerfield parents with parents of incoming students.  The first priority in making matches will be location, as proximity will help with questions about transportation, and may allow “local” gatherings of parents as well.  Student interests and activities will then also be considered in making matches.

First Link volunteers will:

  • Make phone calls to a few new families, answering questions, speaking from experience, and directing people to additional resources.  The currently conceived schedule of calls is as follows:
    • Late April, just after new families gain access to enrollment forms;
    • Early-mid June, to “touch base” and answer any questions;
    • Early August, as questions about the beginning of the school year grow more urgent;
    • Late September – early October, a particularly important time of adjustment for both students and families.
  • Consider organizing a summer gathering for incoming families and other Deerfield parents in a given area.  This is not a firm expectation at this point, but it may develop naturally, and prove very helpful for new families.
  • Make an effort to meet their new families in person during new student arrival in September, and, as possible, introduce new families to others.

To provide some structure and “generous accountability” to the First Link program, we will ask First Link volunteers to report calls and contacts that have been made, likely through a simple on-line reporting system.

If you would like to volunteer in this way and help build stronger partnerships amongst Deerfield parents, we would deeply appreciate your help.  There are around 150 incoming families each year, so the more experienced parents we have to help with the First Link program, the better.

If you have questions about the network, please send write to us through this form.