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Character, Leadership, and Service

If character is about who we are, then citizenship is about what we do. Even as we celebrate the strong character that has defined Deerfield alumni for more than two hundred years, this year we’ll begin to more formally explore the responsibilities of citizenship–the motivation […]

Beginnings and Endings

A band called Semisonic wrote the song “Closing Time” a number of years ago with the memorable lyrics, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” How poignant for us parents of seniors who graduated last May or parents of new students just starting […]

Communication 102: Growing up Wireless

Amie Creagh, Dean of Students, recalls when Pat Gimbel (prior Dean of Admission) suggested in 1999 that Amie buy a cell phone, given the scope of her travel. Amie recalls, “The only real experience I’d had with cell phones was watching Don Johnson use one […]

Packing Tips: Keep it Simple

We gathered information from seasoned parents to help plan for an exciting and fulfilling year. The message from all seems to be the same–keep it simple! Here are our top tips to get you started: Bring as little as possible: Rooms are small and storage/closet […]

Oh, the Places They Go

Last fall Dr. Curtis’ article, Relationship Status: It’s Complicated introduced the Deerfield Academy community to the growing complexities and nuances of the vastly changing and sometimes sordid online world. “They need to care for each other and for their principles, stand firm in the face […]