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DPN – Building a Partnership

I attended Deerfield in the 1970’s. Aside from drop-off in the fall and pick-up in the spring, most of us rarely saw our parents on campus. Calls home were limited to the one phone at the end of the dorm corridor. There was usually a […]

Fundraising Update

On a year to date basis, excluding the senior class, the 50% parent participation rate to the annual fund is well ahead of last years’ pace. The goal for the full year is 70%, so please make every effort to contribute by the end of […]

Faculty and Staff Holiday Bash!!

This year’s annual Faculty and Staff Holiday Party, held December 19th for all the employees of Deerfield Academy, was an ENORMOUS success!! Guests arrived at the Starfield in the Koch Center on this cold, winter night around 6:00pm. As the guests arrived dressed in brightly colored island […]

Winter 101 – Surviving and Thriving in the Cold

In January, the average high and low temperatures in Deerfield range from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 13 degrees. In February, things improve slightly; the average range is 37 degrees to 16 degrees. So it will be cold. Also snowy…and icy…and dark. But there are many […]

Pathways to College Recap 2014

Peter Warsaw, Academic Dean, and Mark Spencer, Director of College Advising, took to the newly renovated Hess Center stage to provide an overview of Deerfield’s advising on Friday afternoon of Fall Parents’ Weekend. The audience was primarily parents of juniors, sophomores and freshmen and the […]

Managing Risk and Preparing Leaders: Global Studies Travel Programs

As Director of Global Studies, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to manage risk. Last year, 19 different faculty members were involved in leading over 100 students on Global Studies Programs to The Bahamas, Canada, Lithuania, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, China, the Dominican […]

Care Package Ideas to Ward Off the Winter Blues!

Even if you live hours away from your Deerfield child, it does not mean that you can’t show that you care. It is fairly easy to send your child a care package, especially as those stressful tests and long winter nights prevail. A package from […]

How To Maintain a Healthier ‘Selfie’

Did you know that the word selfie was named Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2013? We all know that selfie is defined as taking a photograph of oneself, and often uploading it to a social media website. Jane Pearsall, Editorial Director for Oxford […]