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Faculty/Advisor Meeting Scheduling for Family Weekend

Meet-and-greets with Deerfield faculty and advisors will take place on Friday, October 14th, from 1:30 – 3:30pm, and Saturday, October 15th, from 8:00am – 12:00pm. The meet-and-greets will be scheduled using PickATime, an online scheduler, which will be live from 12noon EDT on Tuesday, September 27th, until […]

A letter to parents on September 11, 2015

In response to recent news stories, parents have approached us with questions about student dating, relationships, and sexuality at Deerfield. We thought it appropriate to inform all parents of our plans to address these issues, to create a healthy dialogue and an even safer school […]

New Beginning: Fall 2015

Each year at Deerfield begins with the same familiar scene: a steady stream of cars drive down Albany Road packed full of duffle bags, a lamp or two, a favorite pillow and something to give a dorm room that personal touch. There is a sense […]

A Preview of the Year to Come

The notion of experimentation–of initiative, of newness–is strong at Deerfield this year. This fall you’ll see lots of new faces on campus, and we launch our Ninth-Grade Village for the first time. And then, just as we settle in for the winter term, we’ll take […]

Capital on Tour

My fall article referred to the concept of “human capital,” quoting Marvin Zonis: “Complexity will be the hallmark of our age. The demand everywhere will be for ever higher levels of human capital… The schools that produce it… will be the big winners of our […]

Dorm Plans Take Shape for Fall 2015

In the many weeks that have passed since my announcement, I’ve been heartened to see our kids begin to adjust to and even rally around this dorm configuration project. They’ve invested in it, kept an open mind and offered their ideas.  I’ve met with advisory […]

Next Campus Renovations Priorities: Boyden Library and Athletics

As the school community enjoys the newly renovated Hess Center, it reminds us of how the Deerfield facilities and setting significantly enhance the learning experience for students, faculty and staff. Not surprisingly, the work to maintain and enhance the campus is never ending. The routine […]

Spring Weekend Preview

Spring Parents Weekend will be here soon! May 8th-10th, we can look forward to attending our students’ mini-classes (Friday 8am-1:10pm), sporting events, performing arts showcases, and more. A few highlights: Margarita Curtis, Head of School, will welcome all parents and share her “state of the […]

Parent Guide to Commencement Weekend

Although a little snow is visible around campus and temperatures are still chilly, we can be assured that great planning is underway for Commencement Weekend and that campus will be in full bloom as our seniors process down Academy Lane on Sunday, May 24th, 2015. […]

Reflections on the Deerfield Journey

How did four years go by so quickly? Our daughter can hardly believe that her time at Deerfield Academy is nearing an end. We knew it would be an extraordinary education, but Deerfield exceeded our expectations, proving to be warm environment in which the faculty […]