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New Beginning: Fall 2015

Each year at Deerfield begins with the same familiar scene: a steady stream of cars drive down Albany Road packed full of duffle bags, a lamp or two, a favorite pillow and something to give a dorm room that personal touch. There is a sense […]

A Preview of the Year to Come

The notion of experimentation–of initiative, of newness–is strong at Deerfield this year. This fall you’ll see lots of new faces on campus, and we launch our Ninth-Grade Village for the first time. And then, just as we settle in for the winter term, we’ll take […]

Preparing for Move In: Keep it Simple

We gathered seasoned parents’ advice on packing and move-in so that you and your child will have a great start to the school year. The message is clear–keep it simple!  Here are our tips: Bring as little as possible: Rooms are small and storage/closet space is […]

Meet the DPN Leaders for 2015-2016

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) is an organization aimed at building partnerships among Deerfield parents, and between parents and the Academy. Our goal is to improve the Deerfield experience for all students and their families through a number of initiatives including the First Link program […]

Fall Family Weekend Preview

As we look ahead to Fall Family Weekend this October 23rd-25th, we can anticipate our familiar favorites: attending our students’ classes, faculty one-on-one meetings, class receptions and the beauty of autumn in Deerfield.  There will be numerous athletic contests “at home” on Saturday; please check […]

A Parents’ Guide to Local Food and Dining

Looking for a great place to take a group of DA students to dinner or a quiet spot for you and your spouse to enjoy a meal?  Maybe you need to pick up food for a team gathering or just need a cup of coffee?  […]

Capital on Tour

My fall article referred to the concept of “human capital,” quoting Marvin Zonis: “Complexity will be the hallmark of our age. The demand everywhere will be for ever higher levels of human capital… The schools that produce it… will be the big winners of our […]

Dorm Plans Take Shape for Fall 2015

In the many weeks that have passed since my announcement, I’ve been heartened to see our kids begin to adjust to and even rally around this dorm configuration project. They’ve invested in it, kept an open mind and offered their ideas.  I’ve met with advisory […]

Next Campus Renovations Priorities: Boyden Library and Athletics

As the school community enjoys the newly renovated Hess Center, it reminds us of how the Deerfield facilities and setting significantly enhance the learning experience for students, faculty and staff. Not surprisingly, the work to maintain and enhance the campus is never ending. The routine […]

Deerfield’s First TEDx Talks

As Riley Ennis spoke at Convocation a few years ago about his discovery in high school of what might turn out to be a cure for cancer, Peter Warsaw wondered whether Deerfield might then—or at some point in the future—have a student who while here […]