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 New “OneCard” is both Campus Debit Card and Dorm Key

New this year, all students were issued a Deerfield OneCard which serves as their school photo ID, a debit card for purchases on campus and a key card for access to all dorms. Parents may have questions on the new card and how it differs […]

Opening Days Schedule – Highlights for New Families

The first days and weeks on campus are filled with special events as students, faculty and staff settle in on campus for the new year. While the complete Opening Days Schedule offers a  list of all that is planned, new parents and guardians might find […]

Saturdays at Deerfield

By Mary T. Kronenwetter, Ed.D. P’19 How many events can we fit into a Deerfield Saturday?  We are fortunate as day student parents to be able to attend many events during the year and cheer on every Deerfield student as a part of our extended […]

Tidbits of Advice from First Link Parents

Compiled by DPN Vice President Lesley Koeppel P’14, ’15, ’18 The First Link Committee of the Deerfield Parents Network (the DPN) has compiled the following list of “tidbits.”  Tidbits are essential bits of information that will help you, as parents and guardians, as you prepare […]

Preparing for Move In: Keep it Simple

Written in August 2014 by by Meg Knight, P’16,’17, New Haven, CT and Adriana Vasquez, P’16, Bogota, Colombia and updated August 2016 by Julie Halloran P’17  We gathered seasoned parents’ advice on packing and move-in so that you and your child will have a great start […]

Important Back to School Information

Dear Deerfield Families, Greetings from the Student Life Office (formerly the Dean of Students Office)! I hope you are enjoying a restful and restorative summer and that you and your child/ren are looking forward to the start of the school year. It’s with this in […]

Students and Families: Please be sure your back-to-school forms are complete

This is a friendly reminder to print out and complete all forms found on your Back-to-School record. You can access or check the status of forms through the Back-to-School page. Please note that you will need your Deerfield ID number to access the forms. Thank you!

End-of-School AND Back-to-School Info for Families

After a very long winter, the campus grows greener with each passing day. Flip flops have appeared, and we are all very much enjoying the spring term!  I am writing now to share with you some important information about these last few weeks of school. […]

June 1st Deadline

Things to know: -Students taking the June 4th SAT must contact the Dean of Students. The student must make sure their room is fully packed before the test and must leave promptly after the test is completed. -Students wishing to apply for testing accommodations with […]