Thanks to Departing Leaders and Welcome to DPN 2017-18

The annual change in leadership of the Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) occurred at our meeting held over Spring Family Weekend.  Departing President, Karen Wood, was recognized and thanked for her work leading the DPN for the last two years. We will miss her leadership in building bridges within the parent community and between parents and the Academy.

Several other members of the DPN will also be departing at the end of the school year – most of whom are “graduating” with their senior. Thanks to each for their time, input and support of the parents’ network and the school.  The full list of departing members is as follows:

  • Ben Binswanger ‘78, Fairfield, CT (Lucy ’17)
  • Toby Emerson, Deerfield, MA (Mae ‘19)
  • Patty Grennon, Cape Elizabeth, ME (Kathryn ’17)
  • Marc Johnson ‘74, Greenwich, CT (Gordon ’17) – DPN President 2013-2015
  • Beth Simmons, Charleston, SC (Francis ’17)
  • Karen Wood, New Canaan, CT (Jack ’17) – DPN President 2015-2017

Incoming members of the DPN and the Executive Committee leadership for the 2017-18 school year were voted on at the meeting. We are pleased to introduce the following parent leaders who will serve on the Deerfield Parents Network for 2017-18:

Executive Committee:

  • President: Julie Halloran, Darien, CT   (Meghan ’17, Christina ‘20)
  • VP Nominating: Serena Bowman, Darien, CT   (Katherine ’19)
  • VP First Link: Lesley Koeppel, New York, NY   (Claire ’18)
  • VP Communications: Carson Seeligson, Houston, TX (Sinclair ’18, Addie ‘20)
  • VP Inclusion: Maria Labadan, Beijing, China (Nic ’18)
  • VP Inclusion: Sankaran (Thai) Thayumanavan, Amherst, MA (Ethan ’17, Seth ‘20)
  • VP Campus Events: Vivienne Baker, Atlanta, GA (Alexia ’19)
  • VP Campus Events: Kelly Shuhda, San Francisco, CA (Will’ 17 and Lilly ’19)

 Steering Committee, 2017-18:

  • Carol Bonnie, San Francisco, CA (Mason ’17, Henry ’20)
  • Ana Centola, New York, NY (Sophia ’18, Alexander ’21)
  • Louisa & John Cohlan, Palm Beach, FL (Jackson ’18)
  • Lourdes Fanjul, Palm Beach, FL (Lulu ’18, Peps ‘20)
  • Bob Howe, Deerfield, MA (Erin ’20)
  • Meg & George Knight, New Haven, CT (Logan ’17, Grace ‘20)
  • Renato Labadan, Beijing, China (Nic ’18)
  • Alexander Makridis, Athens, Greece (Michael ’19)
  • Rob McDowell ‘81, Vienna, VA (Griffin ’18)
  • Pamela & Robert Menafee, Dayton, OH (Miles ’17, Vera Grace ’20)
  • Sharmila Muratoti, Amherst, MA (Ethan ’17, Seth ‘20)
  • Paula Pink, New York, NY (Charlie ’18, Ollie ‘20)
  • Janice Roberts, New York, NY (Annie ’17, Taylor ‘18)
  • Jennifer Roche, South Deerfield, MA (Tierney ’18, Maggie ’19)
  • Jen Vogt, Corpus Christi, TX (Whitney ’20)
  • Max Weber, Singapore (Brian ’18)
  • Elizabeth Weymouth, New York, NY (Philip ’18, Carter ‘20)

Trustee Liaison:

  • Mark Rockefeller,New York, NY (Nolen ’18)

The Deerfield Parents Network engages a cross-section of parents working to build community and to enhance parent connections with the Academy. We hope to improve the Deerfield experience for all students and their families through a variety of initiatives including the First Link program to welcome new families, campus events and communications.  We meet as a group three times per year for annual planning and to coordinate with school administrators.

We welcome your suggestions and input on current and future DPN activities. Getting involved at Deerfield is a great way to make the most of the DA experience with your child(ren). We encourage you to contact us to learn more and get involved!

Dr. Suniya Luthar | One Last Time

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