Dr. Suniya Luthar

Deerfield was thrilled to host renowned psychologist Dr. Suniya Luthar during our 2017 Spring Family Weekend. Dr. Luthar is a leading expert on the developmental needs and risks for adolescents in high-achieving high schools, a topic with clear resonance for our community. In February, she and her lab surveyed the Deerfield student body, and so when she arrived last week she came equipped with the preliminary results from that survey.

As you will see from the attached slides, our student body looks very much like other similar groups of students in similar institutions; as such, there is work to be done to help our young men and women make better and safer choices with alcohol and drugs, and to reduce rates of anxiety and depression. At the same time, Deerfield Academy seems to be doing a particularly good job of creating warm and supportive relationships between our students and faculty, and in facilitating healthy relationships with parents, too. This is heartening news, and something we can continue to build off of as a school.

To reiterate, the information in these slides is preliminary. Dr. Luthar and her lab at Arizona State University will continue to analyze the data and share the results with us. For our part, we at Deerfield will use the results to inform our enduring efforts at providing an exceptional environment for our students to learn and grow.

For more information about Dr. Luthar’s work, please visit www.suniyaluthar.org. And for questions about the information presented in these slides and how it pertains to our Deerfield community, please feel free to contact me at jrelin@deerfield.edu.

Thank you,
Josh Relin
Director of Counseling

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