Saturdays at Deerfield

By Mary T. Kronenwetter, Ed.D. P’19

How many events can we fit into a Deerfield Saturday?  We are fortunate as day student parents to be able to attend many events during the year and cheer on every Deerfield student as a part of our extended family.  But attending our son’s events is just the beginning.  The DA Bulletin and calendar are gateways to discovering what home games, concerts, or plays are scheduled or if there is a new art show in the Auersperg Gallery. The first time we experienced a magnificent fall afternoon in the playing fields – taking just a few steps to go between field hockey, lacrosse, track, soccer, and football matches was magical.  Students, parents, faculty, alumni, and many dogs were happy and smiling and cheering.  Going to a chamber music and orchestra concert and sitting next to a DA cellist’s proud parents was divine.  A special treat was seeing our son, a somewhat unmusical boy, sitting in the balcony enjoying the concert with friends as well.  My husband and I have made new friends in the pool and hockey stands.  We have learned how to bring food to swim meets to lure the student swimmers up to the stands to sit with the parents during breaks to watch the diving program together. We have sat next to a Deerfield faculty couple and were impressed by their 8-month old baby who watched a modern dance performance in silent rapture.  Attending a play in the Black Box, we observed Deerfield Senior boys respectfully turning off their phones, sitting quietly, and immersing themselves in the experience.  We are continually amazed when we meet DA parents visiting campus who have flown in for the weekend from California or Texas to watch their child’s crew race or attend Choate Day.  Attending Saturday campus events has deepened our love for Deerfield and my husband and I feel that being on campus on a Saturday is both supporting the students and letting them know – hey, we can’t wait to see what you can do outside the classroom, too.  It has helped us meet other DA parents – new friends and advisors!  It has given me the confidence to volunteer to be a First Link Volunteer.  The next time you are on campus, I encourage you to check out some events your child isn’t participating in – have you ever seen a water polo match?  If not, you’re in for a treat and maybe meet some great fellow parents as well.

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