End-of-School AND Back-to-School Info for Families

After a very long winter, the campus grows greener with each passing day. Flip flops have appeared, and we are all very much enjoying the spring term!  I am writing now to share with you some important information about these last few weeks of school.

With Family Weekend behind us, we turn to graduation for our seniors. I am sure all of us will feel that the year (or the past four) has flown by! As you look ahead, I would like to ask that you and your child please consider the following:

Storage for returners’ belongings is quite limited, and students are not permitted to store anything in any of the dorms. Provided here are two local storage companies that Deerfield Academy families have used for several years. We encourage you to be in touch with one of them soon: Boomerang Storage and/or Sitterly Storage . As they move out, it’s particularly important for students to return their keys directly to the Physical Plant office. Those who don’t, will be charged. This is to ensure the safety of all students and the security of our campus.

Assessments  for non-seniors take place from June 1 – 3. Students may leave as soon as their last obligation is fulfilled. We do not offer any transportation at this time of year, as students depart at different times. Dorms will remain open through Saturday morning, however, for any students who are taking SAT’s or have plans to travel on that day. It is imperative that all students be packed up and ready to go by Friday, June 3rd. Rooms must be cleaned up, trash removed, and furniture returned to its original location. Any student who leaves his/her room in poor condition, thereby creating more work for our busy Physical Plant staff, will be billed for the cleanup. I hope this sounds reasonable.

It may seem premature, but we are beginning to collect our Back to School forms, which are available online on your child’s DAinfo page. Prompt submission would help us immensely so please use this link to get started – Back to School.

To assist with travel questions and transportation, we hope this Vacation Information  document proves useful in your planning.

In the longer term, please pay particular attention to our assessment schedule and the Academy’s departure and return dates. Specifically, we won’t be able to provide early access to campus at the end of the summer. This is to preserve the experience for our incoming new students. If you can help us by bringing your child to campus only at his/her designated date and time, we would certainly appreciate it. As well, please note that assessments in November and March extend into Saturday morning, and students will not be permitted to depart until their last obligation ends. For most, this is Saturday at noon. The link here should offer all the relevant information as you look ahead to next year:  Calendar – Dates of Note.

As always, please check the Daily Bulletin and the DPN website, as information may change or is updated.

And, of course, Happy Summer to all!

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