Senior Parent Perspective

Deerfield has been such a huge part of our lives for the past six years. We are fortunate that both of our children, Cameron and Brendan, have been a part of the Deerfield community. Students choose DA for many reasons. When we were touring secondary schools seven years ago, Deerfield was the one that stuck out to us as having a real sense of a happy community. Now, we know that it truly is an amazing community and we are incredibly proud to have been around it.

Both of our children were three sport athletes while at Deerfield. Cameron is playing golf in college and Brendan will be playing hockey and lacrosse. My husband and I are lucky enough to have the flexibility in our work schedule to be able to attend almost every game that our children have played in. We have met a wide variety of families as we have watched Deerfield compete over three seasons. The faces change from team to team, but the experience we have as parents has remained the same. We have gotten to know an amazing group of student athletes. We know their coaches and while standing on the sidelines we have also met teachers, dorm residents and friends in the community. When we take our children out to dinner after a game it’s always with a friend or two. Deerfield is a welcoming environment and we look forward to our time spent there each week. We have made friendships with parents from all over the country and the world, some of which will last a lifetime. We have enjoyed every minute of being a part of the Deerfield community.

I realize that some parents may not have the flexibility that we do to get to Deerfield each week, but our advice to Deerfield parents is to be as involved as you can be. Make the most of your time at Deerfield when you can get there. Whether your child is an athlete, a thespian, an artist, or a musician, seeing your child excel in something they love has been the most rewarding. It’s been an amazing journey watching our children grow at Deerfield and become invested leaders of the community. Cameron, our older child really realized how special Deerfield is as soon as he graduated. I know that Brendan is already thinking about how little time he has left at Deerfield. The bonds they have made with their peers and faculty will last a lifetime. Deerfield will always be a part of our family, we are very lucky to be able to say that. Commencement in May will be a very proud day for our family. It will also be a sad day for us, as we know that it will mark the end of our Deerfield journey. The memories and friendships made will live on for us, and for that we are very grateful.

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