New Faculty Arrive on Campus

We are pleased to welcome 23 new faculty members to Deerfield this year. A listing by department is included below (with dorm association, if any). For more information on each, here is a link to new faculty bios.

Note that the website directory includes bios for most faculty and staff members, including photos for many!


  • Brian Barbato, Football Coach and Coordinator of Student Activities (Scaife II)

Computer Science

  • J.D. Devaughn-Brown, Teacher of Computer Science (Bewkes)


  • Christian Austin, Teacher of English (Doubleday III)
  • Carrie Brown, Teacher of English
  • John Gregory Brown, Teacher of English (Bewkes)
  • Delano Copprue, Teacher of English (Scaife I)
  • Julie Schloat, Teacher of English (Field I)

Global Studies

  • Heather Wakeman, Global Studies Intern


  • Sue Carlson, Teacher of Health Issues
  • Cassiel Owens, Counselor
  • Josh Relin, Director of Counseling
  • Susan Watson, Counselor


  • Sam Chapin, History Teaching Fellow (Field II)
  • Kayla Corcoran, History Teaching Fellow (Johnson II)


  • Ellie McDonald, Teacher of Language (Johnson III)


  • Patrick Aquino, Teacher of Math (Barton III)
  • Joe Grimm, Teacher of Math (Dewey, Scaife)

Performing Arts

  • Daniel Jackson, Director of Music (Field I)


  • Mark Acton, Teacher of Science
  • Emma Coffin, Teacher of Science (McAlister II)
  • Meghan Jimenez, Science Teaching Fellow (J. Louis I)
  • Sara Lentricchia, Science Teaching Fellow
  • Khaleh Thomas, Teacher of Science (Rosenwald I)
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