Study Tips for the DA Student: Change the Venue

If you get a call (i.e., text) from a weary teen sitting in his room after dinner this winter, you might suggest they sign out and take a hike to the Garonzik. A change of scenery from the dorm and a brisk walk with a friend in the evening may be just what your Deerfield student needs in the next few months. The Garonzik is open for all students willing to commit to a schedule of 1-5 nights per week. Sheryl Cabral, Assistant Academic Dean, notes, “Students will be held accountable for punctuality and attendance on those nights.  If students are interested they should contact me to be put on the roster (” Julie Schloat, Assistant Study Skills Coordinator, adds, “The Koch Café is open in the evenings now, so you can also get a snack or hot drink to enjoy before you sit down to study or as a break later in the evening. P.S., The Garonzik is quiet and well-lit!”

The Boyden Library Study Center is also open Sunday through Thursday until 9:40pm.

Students can also meet with a peer tutor in the Library Sunday through Thursday from 7:45-8:45pm. See DA website link for academic support information ( and DPN Link article detailing peer tutoring and study skills programs (

Here is a link to a recent article from The New York Times entitled, “Better Ways to Learn”, which presents a detailed exploration of the brain to reveal exactly how we learn, how we can maximize that potential, and then summarizes better ways than cramming for you to hold on to knowledge. (

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