Care Package Ideas to Ward Off the Winter Blues!

Even if you live hours away from your Deerfield child, it does not mean that you can’t show that you care. It is fairly easy to send your child a care package, especially as those stressful tests and long winter nights prevail. A package from home will ease some of those homesick blues. The US Postal Service has medium and large priority mail packages that have no weight limit and get there in 2-3 days for a set price ($12.35 and $16.85). I have found that it is easy to pack these up with various items that your child might miss or need from home such as:

  • Special shampoo and other toiletries
  • Socks and gloves
  • Special school supplies
  • Mail and magazines sent to home
  • Tea and hot chocolate packets
  • Favorite snacks or power bars
  • And Baked goodies…

You can even use local newspapers or fun bubble wrap to help pad the box!

For those baked goodies, I have found several things that mail fairly easily–banana, cranberry and pumpkin breads as well as cookie bars and brownies. These don’t have to be special recipes; I just use muffin, cake or brownie mixes and add special nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips. If you are sending chocolate chip or M&M cookies, it is easier to send as a cookie pie, as individual cookies tend to crumble. I use the disposable foil tins from the store, then wrap well with parchment paper/plastic wrap/Ziploc bags. You can even send birthday/celebration cakes; I have made them in the disposable aluminum cake pan (un-iced) and sent the icing in a separate Ziploc bag or bowl along with the colored Betty Crocker cake icings and candy cake decorations for a “decorate your own cake” (hint: pre-iced cakes don’t send well as the icing slides off the cake!).

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to help your Deerfield student make it through the coming weeks!



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