Important Information About DA’s New Laundry Machines

Over the summer, Deerfield made a major change in its self-service laundry program. All machines have been replaced with new energy efficient, water-efficient equipment and students will be able to pay for laundry with swipe cards rather than quarters. We are excited about the upgrade in technology, and will be using the machines as an opportunity to teach and model best-behavior with respect to energy and water conservation.

Our laundry vendor has identified one critical item for the success of the machines, and we hope that parents can assist us with the first lesson: The vendor is stressing the importance of using only high efficiency LIQUID detergent, and specifically that we not use the detergent pods (such as made by Tide) or combination 3-in-1 laundry sheets (as made by Purex). Over the past couple of years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of detergent pods, and we anticipate it will be hard to abandon that convenience and make a return to liquid. On our end, we have developed signs for the laundry rooms that promote the use of LIQUID detergents, show what the high-efficiency (HE logo looks like) and shows how much to use (1/4 cup).

Here’s where parents come in: If your child will be using self-service laundry, even if only occasionally, please set them up with high efficiency (HE) liquid detergent.

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