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One-Stop Shopping Guide for Parents 

Are you looking for your child’s English teacher’s email address? Do you need to know when Parents Weekend is in the spring of 2015? Are you wondering whom to call to set up summer storage, or where your son’s soccer game in next month?

The Deerfield Parents Network’s home page is Deerfield Academy’s “One-Stop Shopping” guide, where you can find the information to answer the questions above and many more, and access much of the information that you will need during the school year. When you open the DA website, you will find the “For Parents” tab highlighted in yellow in the top right corner, which will direct you to the DPN home page. The following are highlights to the home page:


The toolbar has information about the Deerfield Parents Network and the First Link Program. The Important Dates Calendar has all the must-know dates for the 2013-2014 school year, and subsequent years can easily be accessed from this page as well. You can also find information and register for Parents Fall Weekend 2013 from the toolbar.


The News section of this current Link newsletter highlights the recently updated Dress Code and information on the new high efficiency washing machines recently installed throughout the campus.

Quick Links

The Quick Links tabs are shortcuts to the Deerfield website, with valuable links that you will use frequently during your child’s high school career. Some of the links I often refer to are explained below, but please take some time to browse through all the Quick Links to become familiar with all the information they provide.

The Academic Information link includes: Class Schedule, Course Catalog, Course Registration, Grading and Assessment, College Advising, Transcript Request, Off Campus Studies, Academic Departments, and Advising and Academic Support.

The College Advising link has a comprehensive overview of the college process, with a sample college timetable, standardized testing information, a link to Deerfield’s Naviance Connection, and a wonderful Links and Resources page to help your child research and plan ahead for the college process. The contact information for the College Advising Staff is listed on the College Advising home page.

The Daily Bulletin link reports on all the activity happening on campus on any given day.

The DAInfo link is accessed with your personal ID and password. Back to school documents, your child’s academic schedule, grades and comments, dorm assignment, and advisor contact information are here. There is also a Parent Directory listed by state and country, an Academy Employee Directory, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and important phone numbers you will want to keep track of during the school year.

Further, the Health Center link explains the comprehensive services available at the Dewey Health Center, which is staffed by a full-time physician, Dr. Thomas Hagamen, and a nurse practitioner, as well as by registered nurses who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also some wonderful advice from Dr. Hagamen in a Link newsletter article entitled, Staying Healthy (Late Fall 2012).

The Packing List link has a complete list of “What to Bring” and also describes what you will find in your son or daughter’s room when you arrive on campus. The school requests that parents do not remove school furniture from rooms and replace it with furniture from home. Please give careful attention to the list of items not allowed in rooms, due to fire code restrictions.

The Sports Calendar link has a calendar of games for all sporting events.

There is also a link for Summer Storage, which lists options available in town. This link also includes information on where to buy food, how to order a birthday cake through the Dining Hall, laundry and dry cleaning options, where to get assistance to open a checking account and more.

The Teacher/Administrator Contacts link includes contact information for Deerfield faculty, Class Deans, and Academy Departments. You can ask a question or post a comment on the Contact Us home page.

Link Newsletter

The Link Newsletter, written by parents for parents, is published three times a year and is a wonderful venue for sharing information. You can access archived articles by clicking on The Link headline or by clicking “read past Link articles.”

DA Website and Mobile App

Stay tuned for the Deerfield Academy website redesign that will be released later this year. If you are new to the community or have not looked at the Deerfield App recently, the mobile application has general contact information for the school, including emergency contact information, a parent, faculty, and alumni directory to connect you with the Deerfield community at home and around the world, a Facebook page for Academy news feeds, and information on sending student mail.

2013 Annual Fund Update | Important Information About DA’s New Laundry Machines

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