Support Efforts to Make Deerfield “Greener”

At Deerfield we have taken many steps in order to become a “greener” campus. From the Green Cup Challenge, an inter-scholastic competition to reduce energy use, to new recycling and composting initiatives, we try to play our part in reducing our impact on the planet. We ask for your support in two efforts, the reduction of vehicle idling and our “Take Back the Tap” campaign to eliminate bottled water from campus.

Vehicle idling wastes fuel, is bad for your engine, and pollutes the air. Idling modern cars for as little as ten seconds wastes fuel, and idling vehicles release a variety of smog and cancer-causing compounds. Massachusetts prohibits idling in school zones to protect the sensitive lungs of children. At Deerfield we have made deliberate efforts to educate our campus community through training and signs about vehicle idling, and we hope you will support our efforts by avoiding idling, even for the briefest time.

Bottled water has a detrimental effect on our environment due to its manufacture, transport, and disposal. Twenty-five billion water bottles end up in US landfills each year (where they will persist for centuries), and the oil needed to create and transport these bottles would fuel a million cars! We are working to “Take Back the Tap” and remove bottled water from daily life at Deerfield. Bottled water is no longer for sale on campus, and soon will not be provided to students on school trips. We have installed filtered water “hydration stations” around campus and provide each student with a reusable bottle. Now we need your help–we urge you to refrain from purchasing bottled water for your child, and encourage them instead to use reusable water bottles. We aim not only to reduce our impact on the environment, but to also raise awareness that our actions have an impact on the world around us.

Thank you for your support.

Cameron Dewey (Class of 2014) on behalf of the many hard-working Environmental Proctors

Jeff Jewett, Sustainability Coordinator

David Purington, Environmental Management Coordinator

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