A Tradition of Support

We are pleased to report that, through the end of February, current DA parents have contributed $1.2 million to the Annual Fund with a participation rate of 44%. The total contributed to date, and the participation rate, are both ahead of this point last year. In addition, many current parents have played a big role in helping the Imagine Deerfield campaign hit $132 million just one and a half years after the public launch.

We made increasing Annual Fund parent participation a primary objective this year as parent participation has been lagging some in recent years.  For this fiscal year, the parent participation goal is 80%, which compares to the 73% participation level achieved last year.  During the balance of the school year, parents with a child in the classes of 2014, ’15 and ’16 who have not yet contributed to the DA Annual Fund will be contacted by another parent volunteer.  We would ask that you please respond when contacted, either by phone or e-mail, by a fellow parent. Each parent will be contacting you with a specific ask amount, which we have attempted to size based on our estimate of capacity. Please give what you can and help us to achieve our participation and fund raising goals for the year.

It is important to note that through the generosity of parents, Deerfield continues to invest in advancing its academic programs with classes such as:

  • AP Cambridge: Global H2O, a 2-year program looking at the scientific, geopolitical, and economic issues related to water;
  • Electric Vehicle Engineering, in which students design and build an electric vehicle for competitions; and
  • Biochemical Research, which uses a small team approach to investigating natural and synthetic molecules that interact with biological systems.

Deerfield would not be the school that it is today without a solid history of parent support.  Through the years, parent giving has been instrumental in creating a school with rock-solid financial stability, along with a diverse, uniquely talented faculty and student body.  This has enabled Deerfield to remain a community accentuated by sit-down meals and close faculty/student relationships in the classroom, on the playing fields and in the dorms. Philanthropy represents the difference between a good school and a great school, and it is this tradition of support that has created all the reasons our students wanted to come to Deerfield in the first place.  Please help to continue this tradition by giving generously to the Annual Fund.

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