Hats Off to this DA Duo

As the school year winds down and the prospect of packing up looms, let’s pause for a moment to thank the two members of the Deerfield community perhaps most responsible for getting the books, supplies, memorabilia, care packages, online purchases and all manner of dorm room detritus in to the hands of our children on a timely basis. Take a bow, Joe Garey and Tim (“Wondo”) Wondoloski of Shipping and Receiving. From unloading text books and school supplies in the summer to sorting through college acceptance envelopes and prom dresses in the spring, Joe and Wondo keep track of a mind boggling 500 to 700 packages per week as well as heavy freight deliveries. Everything from the outside world–except the food for the dining hall–passes through their small office on the edge of campus.

What makes Joe and Wondo so special is that for them the most gratifying aspect of their jobs is their interaction with students rather than the inventorying of their stuff. They take great pride in knowing the names of every child on campus with their most frequent “customers” the recipients of affectionate nicknames. They go out of their way to chat up students as they sign out their deliveries, asking about their days and offering to transport large packages directly to dorms. And in their corner of campus they have created a space that is functional yet comfortable to visit, filled with objects that reflect their interests and personalities. Six model airplanes made by Joe dangle from the ceiling; a model car that took him 16 hours to build sits on a shelf behind his desk; and one entire wall displays the hat collection, at last count 139 baseball caps from students and parents.

Now that the weather is warm, Joe and Wondo do regular barbecues featuring hamburgers and hotdogs. So hats off to Joe, part of the Deerfield community for 24 years, and Wondo, 18 years and counting, for creating such a happy destination for our children.

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  1. Gibbs Roddy P'14 says:

    Julie Alexandre’s article is well-deserved praise for two of Deerfield’s finest. Simply stated, Joe and Wondo are awesome! One of Wondo’s additional activities these past few years has been to drive the Boys’ varsity tennis team to its matches with Jay Morsman. Wondo is the consummate cheer leader, and a teriffic role model for every boy on the team.

    Thank you, Joe and Wondo, for your commitment to Deerfield and every one of its students.

    Gibbs Roddy P’14

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