Did You Know … ? Fast Facts about Deerfield

Here are fast facts from the “Did You Know?” informational poster boards presented by the Deerfield Parents Network over Parents Spring Weekend:

  • The Deerfield Academy motto is “Be Worthy of Your Heritage.” It is a simple, memorable sentence that emphasizes integrity and can be applied throughout the life of a Deerfield student. 
  • Deerfield maintains many traditions that have long since been abandoned by other boarding school peers, such as a “Jacket and Tie” dress code and sit-down meals with assigned seating and an adult member of the community at each table. Although modified over time, these traditions continue because they are important in helping the school achieve its mission. No Saturday classes is another tradition that sets Deerfield apart from its peers…and one that creates ABSOLUTELY no controversy within the Deerfield community!
  • “The River” and “The Rock” define the western and eastern edges of the Deerfield campus, and both are universal experiences in the life of every Deerfield student. Hike to “The Rock” or go down to (or swim in!) “The River” with your child to learn more.
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