How Parent Giving Makes a Difference

By Marc Johnson ’74 P’08,’11,’14; Greenwich, CT and Scott Vallar ’78 P’12,’14; Bedford, NY

Parent and alumni support of the Annual Fund last year continued to put up impressive numbers. With almost $5.1 million in contributions, and an alumni participation rate exceeding 51%, Deerfield is clearly appreciated by those who have been touched by its programs and people.  Even more remarkable is the typical 80% participation level of current parents, a giving rate that underscores the gratitude and confidence felt by those currently experiencing Deerfield first-hand. 

Annual giving, which includes parent giving, provides approximately 12% of the funding for the school’s operations. This financial supplement to the operating budget represents the margin of excellence that guarantees an unparalleled education for Deerfield’s 630 students. More specifically, money provided by parent giving goes to support:  professional growth opportunities for faculty, an improved faculty to student ratio, and enhanced student support services (such as SAT prep courses).  Parent giving is an integral component of the funding required to help keep Deerfield at the very pinnacle of secondary school education and to remain a great place for our children to go to school.

In addition to the current initiatives highlighted above, through the years parent giving has been instrumental in creating a school with rock-solid financial stability, along with a diverse, uniquely talented faculty and student body. This has enabled Deerfield to retain the community focus established by Frank Boyden over one hundred years ago, accentuated by sit-down meals and close faculty-student relationships in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in the dorms.  These are the memories and relationships that your children will take with them long after they have left Deerfield.

By preserving the past, and preparing for the future, Deerfield remains a school in first-rate condition.  Parent giving continues to play an important role in the school’s development and is worthy of our ongoing strong commitment.

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