Digging for Deerfield

By Deborah Norville P’09,’13; New York, NY

The Parents Fall Weekend found some parents doing more than rushing to teacher conferences and co-curriculars. Close to a hundred people participated in the planting project on Saturday morning, October 22.  They donned garden gloves, armed themselves with trowels, and set about planting spring flowering bulbs in the perennial beds on the main campus grounds. In homage to the school’s founding, a total of 1797 daffodils and tulips, which were donated by an anonymous parent, were planted outside the Academy Building, Ephraim Williams, Arms, and along the walkways leading to Memorial and Reed. 

The idea was “germinated” by Trustee Linda Whitton and spearheaded by Deerfield Parents Network committee members Kelly Pasciucco P’10,’13 and Phyllis Powers P’08,’10,’13 as a way for new families and their First Link families to meet one another and  garden at the same time. The DPN also rewarded members of the parent work detail with steaming hot coffee and delectable sweets from the Dining Hall.

The parents weren’t left to their own devices.  The bulbs were carefully set out by Denise Dwelley and her team from the Physical Plant, who seemed grateful for the extra hands, given the enormous additional work thrust on them thanks to the damage from Tropical Storm Irene.

How skilled was this gang of ragtag parental planters?  That will be revealed after next spring’s snowmelt.  But if the Deerfield campus is a bit more colorful next April, parents might want to pack their gardening clothes for Parents Fall Weekend 2012!

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